Criselda Lontok celebrates 35 years of transformative style

Criselda Lontok


ESTEEMED Filipina fashion designer Criselda Lontok lives and breathes art. To her, fashion is a true art form, and fashion design, her métier and craft for the past 35 years, a means to convey and radiate an artistic expression that’s uniquely her own.

Her work as Rustan’s in-house designer and her years working under the tutelage of Rustan’s matriarch and founder Gliceria Rustia-Tantoco has widened her periphery of styles, which are at once elegant and timeless. A palpable artistry can be seen in even the smallest detail of a Criselda Lontok piece.

A muse and a maker

More than just a brand, Criselda Lontok is an artist in her own right, a design icon who epitomizes the personality of both muse and maker. A former model and a society elite, she has dressed generations of Manila’s most fashionable and influential women and is the beloved ready-to-wear designer of Philippine society’s upper crust.
As Criselda Lontok celebrates her 35 years of transformative style, she boldly looks forward into the future, the next generation of women—young influential ladies, who look up to their mothers as their own personal icons. The very same women who have followed and stayed true to Criselda’s style philosophy since the label was created 35 years ago. This year, once again, a breathtaking new vision emerges from the chrysalis. Rebirth begets reinvention—and the exhilarating cycle begins anew.

“The most precious lesson I learned all these years as a designer is that style and comfort should never be a paradox but a fusion. That customer satisfaction should be first and foremost together with the elegance and practicality of the designs.” Lontok says.

Feminine and strong: Holiday 2018

This inimitable fusion of style and comfort, fluid and structured, modern and classic take center stage in the Criselda Lontok Holiday 2018 collection. A stunning assemblage of designs that now include statement pieces, from Maria Clara-inspired tops with contemporary structures, to long gowns that improve the traditional silhouettes. With the blending of bright colors and prints with an integration of modern and classic designs, this timeless collection is made for The Criselda Women—women who are beautiful, stylish and feminine.

In this new collection, as she marks another milestone in her illustrious career, Criselda Lontok once again demonstrates why her brand remains synonymous to elegance and sophistication.

The Criselda Lontok Holiday 2018 Collection is available at Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-la, Alabang, Gateway and Cebu.

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