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Car Accessories for all seasons at CAS 2019

Find out the chosen must need car accessories

Nowadays, the weather can be quite unpredictable and it can be difficult to decide how to go out especially when bringing your car. But no need to worry, because here are some carefully chosen must need accessories which you can use for your car, rain or shine:

Tire For All Seasons: Sailun Tires

Tires, as we know it, are an essential part of a car. Without it, you can’t really move or drive your way elsewhere. Tires are exposed to different types of road textures, land forms, and sometimes, even has to deal with floods and wet floors. With these, it is really more efficient to carefully choose tires of great quality, durability, and reliability, as all of these criteria heavily affect the safety of the driver and its passengers.

Cars are expensive and it would be better to invest on high quality products that will deliver long-term access, than cheap but easily damaged products. Sailun Tires offer a wide variety of tire products which are of premium brand and exceptional taste. With a high rating in wet, dry, snow, and ice performance, ride comfort, quietness, and tread life – these one of a kind tires are the ones you would really want to consider investing in.

Extra Eyes, Extra Safety with a 7-Inch LCD Back up Sensor Camera

For people who are new on the road, it’s really quite difficult to drive without being fully aware of your surroundings, seeing objects that are near to you, and other vehicles that just zoom pass by you. With this, a reversing camera is one of the most efficient car accessories that you can purchase in order to secure your safety and make driving more accessible to everyone.

A reversing camera, which can also be classified as a CCTV, helps the driver see its surroundings as it is a gadget placed on the rear of the vehicle for it to access hard-to-see spots that drivers usually have a hard time getting in place. Having this accessory greatly reduces the chances of accidents which in the long-run saves you from extra damage expenses. For premium quality products of this kind of gadget, you might want to check out L.A. Accessories. They offer advanced and scientifically-driven reversing cameras that help aid drivers, day or night, rain or shine.

Safe and Fun Under the Sun With Ultimate Protectant Spray

Sadly, the Earth is continuously getting warmer and sometimes, staying in the car might not feel too cozy anymore. But with the Ultimate Protectant Spray from Meguiars, you can enjoy superior protection that shines through UV coat technology and creates that rich and full darkness on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Through simple to sustain technologies like this, you can ensure a clean and protected automobile for you and your travels.

Germ-Free, Squeaky Clean Cars with Citrus Cleaning Wipes

It’s a common fact that cars can become dirty and dusty in just a short amount of time. It can get annoying most especially when it blocks your view or it accumulates more filth overtime. However, with Meguiar’s Citrus-Fresh Cleaning Wipes, cleaning has never been made this easy and enjoyable.

Developed not just by well-off scientists and technologists but also by professional detailers and car enthusiasts, these wipes will help ensure that shiny surfaces get the regular cleaning it needs. With all the road dust and sticking in and out your interior and exterior surfaces, these citrus-cleaning wipes are perfect to keep it clean and  fresh, just one swipe and you’re good to go.

All-Around, Reliable Window Tints

Window tints are also very important car accessories because it helps in decreasing the heat absorbed by your car which is very dangerous especially in hot regions around the world. Not only this, but it serves as protection for your identity as well, most especially when driving so people do not see through your car.

For premium window tint quality, we recommend the products of L.A. Window Films. With their automotive window films, you are sure to get a product which is nano-ceramic, high performance, and protective designed to keep your travels safe and cozy.

Want to learn more? Join the fun in CAS 2019 this September 13-15 from 10:00AM to 7:00PM at the Skyhall Seaside Cebu. With free admission, learn more about automobiles and car musthaves with enthusiasts, dealers, experts, and many more. Organized by Worldbex Services International, if interested you may pre-register at and know more details. See you there!

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