Anne Curtis on SOGIE bill: Equality is all LGBT+ community seeks

MANILA, Philippines — As an ally of the LGBT+ community, actress Anne Curtis said that it “breaks her heart” that there are people who are against the passing of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) bill.

The topic on the SOGIE bill is currently rolling in the Senate with lawmakers torn on its implementation in the country.

Curtis said that the LGBT+ community has often been discriminated against in the public space instead of being understood, thus a bill like SOGIE has to be made.

“It breaks my heart and saddens me that people are so against the passing of the bill when in fact, it all boils down to equal rights as HUMAN BEINGS… but sadly because of discrimination, a bill like this has to be made…. because, instead of kindness, compassion, respect and UNDERSTANDING it has come to a point where they need this bill to protect their rights as human beings,” Curtis said in a Facebook post on Saturday night.

“Equality is all they seek for. Equality regardless of what gender they identify as or how they choose to express themselves and equality as human beings and citizens of this country… just like all of US,” she added.

According to Curtis, the LGBT+ community should also be given equal rights in all aspects in life.

“I still stand by these words I said for this cover in 2016… ‘We are all the same. We are all human beings who deserve a chance and equal opportunities in life. May it be for work, life or love we should be given equal rights’,” Curtis said while referring to her magazine cover.

With the SOGIE Bill hearing recently happening and with such a heated discussion ongoing about it being passed. I just…

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It could also be noted that when the incident of Gretchen Diez sparked online, Curtis also aired her sentiment on restroom use for the LGBT+.

Diez is a transgender woman who was put in handcuffs and brought to Quezon City Police District Station 7 after she was barred from using the female restroom at a mall.

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According to Curtis, she considers transgender women as women and is not self-conscious when sharing the restroom with them.

“Babae ‘yung tingin ko sa kanya, kaya okay lang sa akin. Hindi ako natatakot, hindi ako nako-conscious, kasi never papasok sa isip ako na baka silipan ako nito o may gawing masama,” she said during a television show.

The SOGIE seeks to criminalize discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.

The bill was passed at the House of Representatives last 2017, but its counterpart version at the Senate languished at the period of interpellation.

It was then refiled in the 18th Congress by Senator Risa Hontiveros. /je

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