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Rose Pharmacy launches budget-friendly skin products for babies 

Our baby’s skin is very delicate and in need of proper care.

Rose Pharmacy recently launched their line of skin care products for babies to especially give the budget-conscious mommies access to the much needed infant skin care products without hurting our budget.

The product line known as Derma 365 Baby includes skin cleanser, shampoo, lotion and facial cream that are now available in all leading Rose Pharmacy branches nationwide. These products are also available on their online stores.

Rose Pharmacy takes pride in their baby-friendly products that are free from harmful ingredients.  These are also clinically proven and tested by professionals.

“Derma 365 Baby is 20-33 percent cheaper compared to (the) leading brands. It also has colloidal oatmeal thus explains its mild-cleansing and nourishing properties,” says Analiza Dano, Rose Pharmacy Inc.’s category manager. 

Dr. Grace Garcia Pimentel, Perpetual Succour Hospital’s Pediatric Allergist, highlighted on the importance of using products that are suitable for babies sensitive skin.

“Babies have gentle and delicate skin so it is best to moisturize with lotion at least twice a day or as frequent as possible,”  Pimentel said.

For first time buyers, Dema 365 Baby is offering a special introductory price that is 20 percent less than its regular price.

Don’t miss this offer that is until December 2019! Just visit for more details. 

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