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Bizman translates classic ‘Matud Nila’ to show love, support for China, other countries fighting COVID-19

CEBU CITY, Philippines — The Visayan love song “Matud Nila,” used to reverberate from local radios every Sunday, sending nostalgic ambience of love to the listeners’ ears.

This classic song, which first captured the Cebuanos hearts in 1941, is making its way to be an instrument of love and solidarity with the people in China amid the challenges posed by the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19).

Wilson Ng, manager of the local band The Troubadours, translated Matud Nila in Chinese as a form of support to China and other parts of the world that were fighting the viral contagion.

WATCH: Matud Nila – Chinese version by the Troubadours

“We wanted to sing our support to China and the world as we fight the novel coronavirus. Today, when everybody is fearful, we believe in the power of music and universal love to uplift, to inspire and give courage,” Ng wrote on his LinkedIn account where he shared the video on February 11.

The music video is now available in YouTube and Youku, for people in China. Matud Nila is originally composed by Ben Zubiri.

“We would like to dedicate this 1941 Cebu love song composed during World War II to the Chinese, and people all over the world as we fight the Coronavirus and other battles. And just like the war, we know we will win our battles together,” Ng also wrote on the music video’s caption in YouTube.

The Chinese version of the Cebuano classic love song was sang by Erica Uy, Cher Lozada, and Sonny Alquizola.

“When Mr. Ng called me and asked me to ‘lend my voice’ to a love project for China and our Chinese brothers, I said yes right away because ever since I’ve always tried my best to join and do my small part in ‘for a cause’ projects,” Alquizola told CDN Digital.
The entire music video production, Alquizola said, was recorded inside Ng’s office in Cebu last Sunday, February 9.
Keit Nicko Pastorite directed the music video while the song was arranged by Glyze Bordadora./dbs
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