PISTAYM photo exhibit open

The Fort San Pedro of Cebu photograph in the Uytingchua Collection

The Office of the Mayor, through the Downtown Revitalization Project, in cooperation with the HAMBIN, will showcase the pictures of old Cebu during the pre-war era which form part of the collections of the Uytingchua family.

Witness the PISTAYM photo exhibit at the lobby of the newly renovated Legislative Building (the post-war city hall building) fronting the historic Magellan’s cross.

The display coincides with the “Gabii Sa Kabilin” activity set on May 30.

PISTAYM stands for “peacetime,” a time Filipinos endearingly call the years between World War I and II when the Philippines enjoyed not only peace but also progress.

HAMBIN, the cooperating group, stands for Hamiling Binilin or “cherished heritage.” It is composed of graduates of University of San Carlos’s Graduate Certificate in Cebuano Heritage Studies.

For “the Gabii Sa Kabilin,” Hambin will also be promoting heritage themed T-shirts featuring the Uytingchua Collection of old photographs of Cebuano heritage sites.

For details please call Mr. Ben Chua at 9176281020.

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