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This filter makes your fur baby look like a real-life “Disney” dog

Have you tried this new Snapchat filter that makes your dog look like a Disney character? | Contributed Photos

Admit it or not, we secretly believe that our pets are the cutest thing on earth, but just wait until you try this new Snapchat filter that makes your fur baby look like a real-life Disney dog.

When we thought our pets couldn’t look more adorable, the “Cartoon Face” filter on Snapchat can make your dog look like they’re starring in a Disney film! As iconic as their animated films are Disney’s drawing style, and this Snapchat filter instantly adds big, expressive eyes and eyebrows that give your pet that Disney personality.

Many users of the app have been uploading their pets photos, and we can’t get enough of how precious their portraits turned out and were gushing over the cuteness overload and compiled some of the most hilarious yet delightful photos of some good pooches become animated Disney characters!

They definitely deserve unlimited cuddles and treats!

1. Magnus, five year-old Pomeranian from Mandaue City

Contributed Photo | Gabe Llanto

“Oh no! Mama’s on the phone again!”


2. Maxine, three-year old Siberian Husky from Canduman

Contributed Photo | Klien Sing

“What’s with the phone human? It’s time for my snack!”


3. Yamie, six year-old Golden Retriever from Dumaguete City

Contributed Photo | Chloe Baldebrin

“Are you done now, mom? I’m watching my favorite TV show!”


4. Yellow the Asong Pinoy and Blue the American Bully, four years and five months old, respectively, from Mandaue City

Photo by | Brian Ochoa

“What is it now daddy? We just want to go outside and play!”


5. Rescued dogs Maxwell, Mini, Quinn from Lapu-Lapu City

Photo by | Marc Cosep

“Put down the phone human! It’s past our dinner time already!”


6. Olaf the Japanese Spitz and Kit the mixed breed, seven and two years old from La Carlota City

Photo by | Dianne Savillo

“Olaf: Now mom can make me a real Disney character with my brother!”

Now time to make cute photos with your pets and open Snapchat on on your smartphone, search for the “Cartoon Face” filter and share it with your friends to make them smile! It only works on one face at a time but it works on humans too if you want to match with your cute pets!

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