Here’s why time is the greatest gift during this pandemic

CEBU CITY, Philippines— There were a lot of things that this pandemic has taken from us.

One of these things is freedom. Freedom to live life outside the walls of our homes.

But little did we know that we were blessed with the gift of time. Time to restart our lives and see the meaning in it, not just to survive, but live the true meaning of living and existing.

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The time spent at home was not really wasted time.

Here’s why:

We know ourselves more

The time we spent inside our homes allowed us to take a break from the fast-paced life we live before. It took us back to life before we were so busy with life, and reconnected us with the self we once loved and adored.

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Spent time with loved ones

Who would have thought that spending time with family is such a luxury these days. We may have been living with them in one home but seldom do we get the chance to eat together at the dinner table and talk about our day. Well, we did just that while under quarantine.


This is the time you look past the setbacks and plan a better life after this pandemic. Grab that planner of yours, and awaken that desire in you to be better and to rise after this setback

Learned new things

Time at home has been giving us the right timing to learn the things we wanted to try before the whole world shut down. Learn and discover your capabilities and surprise yourself with the things you can learn in the time that you are at home.

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Appreciate life

As many battles the pandemic, and many have said goodbye to their loved ones, we are one of the millions of people who still get up every day, happy, healthy, and a family that is still complete. Let that sink in.

This whole time we spent at home we learned to value the life we live in, we learned to appreciate the little things and we learned that everything is uncertain, and it’s time to seize the moment.


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