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Are you a ‘plantito’ or ‘plantita’ of Cebu?

plantito plantita

CEBU CITY, Philippines— For almost half a year of staying home due to the coronavirus disease, many of us have unleashed something new about ourselves.

Among the common transformations include being hailed “plantitos” and “plantitas.” These are adults who are now diving into planting and making their gardens blossom. Some are even starting to make a “jungalow” inside their homes.


Green Up the Holidays with Indoor Plants to Brighten Your Home’s Ambiance

You know you are a certified plantito or plantita of Cebu if you experienced any of these signs:

Follow plant-related social media accounts

If you have been following over 10 plant-related social media account or pages, then you are a certified plantito or plantita. You scroll through these pages or accounts all day and get inspired with how they used plants as decors or tips on how they actually take care of plants. Not to mention, these pages are also selling plants, seedlings and pots for your needs.

Indoor jungalow

Look around your place, if you have more than three plants inside your room or home, then you are slowly creating your own jungalow. That’s also a sign, right there.

Hangs around the garden

If it is not raining, the garden is your favorite “tamabayan.” You just like to sit and look at your plant babies grow. The next second, you find yourself moving plants from one place to another just because you feel like doing it. That’s a serious case of being a plant addict.

Too many plant photos

If others are posting their meals or their workout session photos, you are posting about how pests are infesting your little plant or how your snake plant is growing in just a couple of days. Sometimes you just even want to find a good angle of your plant to post on Instagram.

Plant needs included in your budget

Yes, just like our real kids or needs, we allot a budget for their needs. Just remember that allot the right kind of amount for these plants and balance things out.

Plants are good absorbers of stress, so if this is your guilty pleasure at the moment, go ahead, enjoy your plants, and enjoy the time caring for them. /bmjo

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