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Head on to Cebu’s own Enchanted River—the Cancalanog Falls

The island of Cebu really has so much to offer.

From local delicacies to music, heritage, and beautiful tourist attractions, the “Queen City of the South” continues to amaze many.

But candidly, who doesn’t love beaches and sunsets and waterfalls, right?

Prepare your life jackets as we take you cliff-diving to the south. This time in Cancalanog Falls in Alegria town.

Cancalanog Falls | Photos by Doris Monragon/CDN Digital

This least frequented tourist spot is located in Sangi, Alegria town.  It is approximately three hours away from the city proper.

The natural pool-like waters of Cancalanog are enclosed with beautiful rock formations situated in the middle of the jungle.

The waterfalls themselves may not be as drop-dead magnificent as the other famous falls in southern Cebu, but its emerald to sapphire waters is more than enough to make up for it.


Its unique glow will remind tourists of places like the Enchanted River in Surigao.

Its seclusion is also what invites local and foreign tourists to go there and enjoy cliff-diving.

If you’re into cliff diving and waterfall jumping, then add Cancalanog Falls to your bucket list.

But if you just want to experience the rawness of this town, Alegria will surely not disappoint you.

Tourists are often thrilled to discover its many natural wonders as it is also famous for the panoramic view its mountains and hills offer, such as the Mt. Lanaya and the one in Lepanto.   /rcg

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