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REST is essential


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CEBU CITY, Philippines–Rest.

Everyone needs to rest from something. It may be from work, family, friends, or life in general. Resting is essential for a meaningful life.

Resting does not only mean sleeping.

There are a lot of ways for you to rest your mind and body.

To know which type of rest fits you, read on.

Read– reading makes us realize a lot of things. It opens our minds to the things we need to focus on and gives our minds the rest we need from the usual things that have been bothering us. To read is to recharge your mind with thoughts, words, and affirmations.

Meditation– this does not necessarily mean you need to levitate to meditate. Mediation is the rest you need to ease your anxious mind and heart. Breathing and thinking straight of the things you need to set your mind on.

Be active– yes, most of us picture resting by lounging on the couch, sleeping, or just merely doing nothing. But to others, to be active in their way of resting. Try that sport you have been talking about, go out, meet people, start a healthy life by getting active.

Pray– when you tried so much to rest and ease your mind but nothing seems to be working, pray, it helps! Just release what’s been stressing you out through prayer. This may not solve your problems but at least it eases your anxiety a bit and helps you get that much-needed rest.

Eat– nothing feels much better than to munch on your favorites. Resting requires us to be at ease with ourselves. If eating makes you relax, then by all means eat your heart out.

Resting is not easy to do, especially when you think of it in a superficial way. To rest is to have that inner peace and that relaxed body to start anew. Sleeping helps but try and dig deeper, what kind of rest fits you the best. /rcg


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