From hilarious lines to relatable responses. How well do we know our Pinoy Dads?

- June 16, 2021

“My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.” –Clarence Budington Kelland

Daddy, Papa, Tatay, Dad, Pops — whatever we call them, our fathers play an important role in our life to guide us, teach us and provide for us.

As a role model, they try their very best to remain strong and resilient to serve as the foundation of the family in every home.

Our dads may be the toughest and least emotional person in the family, but they truly are the most caring and loving guy in our life. His heart of gold is extended not only to his wife, but his children as well. 

Although Fatherhood can be tricky, our fathers seem to always know the answers to our questions and even give us wisdom about life. What is it with our Pinoy dads that make them our all-around person?

To give appreciation and honor to our amazing dads this Father’s Day, we gathered these funny and relatable lines that only Filipino dads would say plus their starter pack from a wrist watch to a power bank. We’re sure you’re familiar with some of these, if not all!

1. You know you have a Filipino dad when he tells you to ask your mom’s approval first

“Pananghid sa imong mama.” “Kung okay sa imong mama, okay pud sa akoa.”

Always make sure to secure daddy’s “YES” first so you can have an extra ticket when going to mom for approval.

2. A Filipino father is known for being overprotective of his daughter

“Di jud ka puwede mag uyab-uyab hantod matraynta ka.” “Dapat studies first ug career first, daghang laki sa kalibutan, ‘di ka mahutdan!”

It’s funny but true, a lot of Filipino dads are so protective that their daughters or unica ijas will have to wait until their 20s or 30s before having a boyfriend!

3. Giving updates to our Filipino dad is a must, or else it’s the end of the world!

“Asa na ka? Unsa ka oras mauli? Kinsa imong kuyog?” “Five minutes nalang, curfew na nimo ha, asa na ka?”

Aside from being protective, they can be really strict. Even if you’re going to a friend’s house for their birthday, you still have to ask for permission and convince them that you are telling the truth.

4. There is no such thing as Filipino time for Filipino dads

“Unsa oras ang inyong program, alas-diyes sa buntag? Sige, lakaw ta ug alas-says buntag.”

We just want to be on time but our Papas hate going late and making a grand entrance!

Time is gold for the man of the household, so let’s not forget to give them what they deserve — a brand new watch from Timex!

Timex, Second Floor, Mountain Wing, SM Seaside City Cebu

5. The infamous Dad Jokes with his infamous outfit

We secretly love their “punny” jokes (or aka, dad jokes). They make the corniest jokes that’s so annoying that you just “cringe” or facepalm because a laugh won’t do justice.

All of that while wearing his favorite sleeveless shirt, shorts and tsinelas. The triple combo of a true Filipino dad, right? So make sure to give him new high-quality mandals from Pabder this Father’s Day!

Pabder, Second Floor, Mountain Wing, SM Seaside City Cebu

6. Our Filipino dad can fix most of our household repairs!

“Dili na manawag ug tubero. Ako na mag-ayo anang gripo.”

There’s nothing our dads won’t do for us, and if it requires something to fix or make, he will surely make time and use his handy tools to complete the task for you. Thinking about getting him a present? Why not buy him a new tool kit from Ace Hardware to upgrade his tools at home!

Ace Hardware, Lower Ground Floor, Mountain Wing, SM Seaside City Cebu

7. K is just as good as I love you

“I love you, Pa.” His reply, “K.”

But we still love them, right? Because funny as it may sound, Filipino dads are good at short replies and not expressing so much via message. Let your dad know you love him with a new electric shaver set from Watsons.

Watsons, Upper Ground Floor, Seaview Wing and Second Floor, Mountain Wing, SM Seaside City Cebu

8. Everything was better “back in the day”

“Sus! Katong bata pako, diyes pesos ra akong balon!”

We all heard that familiar story, back in the days everything was different for our papas, so they try their best to give us what we need and sometimes, more! But please, just bear with their stories, let them share how good their times were. After all, memories are worth sharing! 

This Father’s Day, get them a dad purse from Aldo to show appreciation for everything he has done to the family.

Aldo, Upper Ground Floor, Seaview Wing, SM Seaside City Cebu

9. They’re not the most tech savvy

“Nak, unsaon ning facebook?” “Unsa akong password sa email?”

Our dads teach us what we need to know, but with the advancement of technology, we surely have a few tricks in our pocket that we need to teach them as well. Social Media, Netflix, online banking — they need our support and to make sure they can always go online, give your father a handy power bank from Anker to avoid moments like “Nak, ayaw mag on ng phone ko!” because they forgot to charge their smart phone at home.

Anker, Third Floor, Cube Wing, SM Seaside City Cebu

10. Last but not the least, he’s our ultimate kasabwat who will help us escape from mom’s watchful eyes like our real best friend.

Ako na bahala sa imong mama.”

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