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You go, Girl! Ways to Make the First Move

By: - March 21, 2024

In recent history, women have proved that they are co-equals with men, establishing their presence in industries that used to be exclusive zones for men. In this modern-day era, women are just as empowered and capable as men, especially in the realm of romance.

As we continue celebrating Women’s Month this March, let’s keep on breaking stereotypes by challenging the traditional way of how a budding tale of love should spark. Here are some tips to dominate that long-overdue love story as a woman.

Learn their sport

Women's Month: Know how to dribble the ball if you must

Know how to dribble the ball if you must

The competition is tough when it comes to getting noticed by your crush. While it’s totally fine to stay confident and be yourself, you might not stand out in the pool of many pretty women out there. Get ahead by taking an interest in learning the sport that your crush likes such as ball sports like basketball, football, and volleyball, among others. You don’t have to master these vigorous sports, you only have to let them know that you share the same interest in it. Remember, compatibility is key.

Step into the world of online gaming

Women's Month: Try to dominate “his” game

Try to dominate “his” game

A general trend of men find comfort in playing online video games. As these virtual games can be a bit tricky, you can ask to learn it with him if he is up for it. At first, he may simply agree without knowing your real intentions. As you get along over time, find the courage to throw random banters like “Nice one, baby”. It’s all up to you how to spice up that gaming journey of yours and make that gamers-to-lovers trope a reality.

Maintain a pretty face

Women's Month: Entice him with your charm

Entice him with your charm

They say natural beauty is all enough, but why not take it to another level? There are many cosmetics out there that can enhance your physical appearance without totally making you seem like another person. No matter how we deny it, looks matter since it is the first thing that anyone sees before they even get to know you. So blush your cheeks, curl your eyelashes, and give those lips of yours a glossy texture. Capture his eyes first before charming him with your warm personality, but remember that character outweighs beauty over time.

Mind your hair, Sis!

Women's Month: Your hair is a game-changer

Your hair is a game-changer

Hair Theory suggests that the way you style your hair yields a profound impact on how you are perceived by others. Try to test things out and learn more about the hairstyle that would best suit your face. This can involve various factors to consider such as color, volume, length, layers, and many more. If you want to step it up even more, find out what type of women’s hairdo he is particularly attracted to, and you can start from there.

Dress to impress

Serve with style

Serve with style

The way you dress yourself gives an impression of who you are. Some would prefer simple clothing, but this might not get his attention from afar and even up close. Try to give your daily getup a bit of sass by exploring clothing options, cheeky color palettes, and fits that would reveal your best shape. While you get to have a sense of confidence over time, you’re also improving your chances from solely being seen to being remembered by your primary target.

You’re always one step away when you assume that others will make the magic happen for you. The universe is so busy playing with the stars, so don’t rely on it. Don’t lose that chance at love just because you’re a woman. Change the conventional narrative of romance because you are an empowered one.

You do you and do it now. You got this, girl!


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