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Have a holistic healthcare experience at The Hospital at Maayo

What concerns you the most when looking for the right medical care and attention from a hospital?

Is it the location? Its facilities? The environment? Top-notch services? or the convenience?

In one of Cebu’s bustling cities, Mandaue City, is a newly-opened hospital designed to give you the care and services that you deserve. Prioritizing you and your health, putting your needs on the top, and giving you a holistic medical experience — The Hospital at Maayo

At The Hospital at Maayo, its modern inpatient and outpatient care facility provides diagnostic and therapeutic services. They have a triage, operating rooms, specialized treatment centers, a diagnostic center, and consultation rooms operating for 24 hours 7 days a week. 

Just 15 minutes away from the Mactan – Cebu International Airport, The Hospital at Maayo provides only the best healthcare experience in Cebu paired with world-class hospitality, accommodations, and amenities. 

The Hospital at Maayo is a modern, clean, safe hospital designed to provide hassle-free medical care for its patients. 

Here are the other top reasons why The Hospital at Maayo should be your hospital of choice.

1. Unique healing environment

Housed in a green building, one can enjoy the comfortable waiting lounges and clinics designed with a hotel-like ambiance for better recuperation.

Their top-of-the-line facility also features spacious, clean, and safe rooms. 

  • Regular Private Rooms

Private Rooms 

Their private rooms are equipped with a wide range of amenities that add to the perfect environment to recover. A superb blend of excellent health service, privacy, and comfort with a toilet and bath, refrigerator and private telephone line, and 24-hour cable TV. 

Family Rooms

The hospital’s family rooms are keenly designed for holistic patient care, anticipating unique needs at a difficult time. It is most conducive to rest as well as accommodate family members who may opt to stay with the patient with their own separate bed. 

Specialty Suites 

Modernized specialty suites offer the most pleasing accommodation while having your recovery. It is most conducive to rest as the suite provides an area for a patient bed and a separate living room for family and guests who may opt to stay with the patient. 

Each suite is a blend of quality health service and modern convenience having an attached spacious bathroom, cable TV, private telephone line, and mini-kitchen with dining table for quick meals and snacks.


Supported with the same keen sense of hospitality and attention to patients’ needs as in any other type of room, the hospital wards guarantee a comfortable road to recovery. 

Their wards have all the basic facilities readily available with air-conditioning. Each bed has a side table and chair and a shared common toilet and bathroom. 

2. High-tech, high-touch patient experience

Their latest facility has patient monitoring systems for a high-tech, high-touch patient experience as well as the negative pressure in their operating rooms, private labor, and delivery room.

This means that when the door is opened, potentially contaminated air or other dangerous particles from inside the room will not flow outside into non-contaminated areas.

Instead, non-contaminated filtered air will flow into the negative pressure room. Contaminated air is sucked out of the room with exhaust systems, which are built with filters that clean the air before it is pumped outside of and away from the healthcare facility.

  • Emergency Room

Emergency Room 

The Emergency Room at Maayo is open 24/7 providing a wide range of high-quality services for acute and in-patient care.

The Labor and Delivery Rooms 

Maayo’s goal is for mothers and babies to spend as much time together as possible. And they make this happen by offering private birthing suites that promote family-centered care, encouraging skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding, and rooming-in for newborns with their mothers.

3. State-of-the-art medical equipment

On top of the hospital’s world-class rooms, fast, accurate, and reliable results are also available at The Hospital at Maayo, with their state-of-the-art medical equipment and professional excellence, they deliver quick and accurate results giving you gold standards in medical care.

  • Laboratories


Laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art machines to assist their medical professionals in diagnosing their patients. They even offer mobile diagnostic services for companies and industrial clients providing them world-class medical care at their convenience.

Radiology and Imaging 

The Hospital at Maayo contains the latest state-of-the-art scanning equipment from the World’s leading medical technology companies. Their imaging department also contains advanced ultrasound, CT Scanning, X-ray, and MRI scanning equipment.

Hemodialysis Unit 

​​Dialysis at Maayo specializes in kidney problem treatments with facilities that offer quality equipment and comfortable space for each patient.

4. Pioneers in many medical programs

To add to the many services of the hospital, The Hospital at Maayo pioneers in many medical programs and specializes in many fields such as their Intensive Care Unit, their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and their Operating Rooms. 

  • The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 

The ICU at Maayo has the capacity to support the patient through state-of-the-art life-sustaining equipment. It also has the capability for continuous patient monitoring and providing post-operative care to surgical patients who have multiple co-morbidities or have undergone extensive surgery.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Well equipped to deal with neonatal emergencies and common neonatal conditions, the NICU at Maayo offers full intensive care across gestations from premature babies at 24 weeks gestation to term babies with poor perinatal adaptation.

Operating Rooms 

Surgery at Maayo caters to both in and outpatients about to undergo various surgical procedures from minimally invasive cases to the most complex operations. 

They also offer initial assessments and treatments for surgical conditions. 

Experienced surgeons are always ready for procedures that include a wide range of specialized and general surgeries as well as minimally invasive surgeries.

5. Faster, hassle-free processes

You can also expect faster procedures at The Hospital at Maayo. Their outpatient procedures have shorter treatment times and schedules are always set. 

With their integrated Health Information System, physicians have direct access to patient records and diagnostic results for a seamless wellness experience and readily-available results.

  • The hospital's consultation suites


The Hospital at Maayo features multi-specialty units for your every healthcare need. The state-of-the-art amenities available at each of their clinics are just one indicator of the wide range of medical services you may choose from. 


Their modern facilities offer affordable and quality dental care and utilize advanced imaging systems to aid in diagnosing cases with accuracy.

Eye Care 

Partnering with ACES Eye Referral Clinics, Eye Center at Maayo aims to continue the promise of providing pioneering and experienced eye specialists, accommodating support stay, and up-to-date technology.

Physical Wellness and Rehabilitation

The Hospital at Maayo also offers outpatient rehabilitation services for patients who aim to achieve holistic wellness or care for their neurological, musculoskeletal, and orthopedic recovery.

The Hospital at Maayo is truly a home of diverse facilities to help patients receive healthcare solutions suited to their condition.

With their commitment to a holistic medical experience, actively infused with compassion, adaptability, reliability, excellence, and social responsibility to their services, these values assure you of global quality and safety standards because The Hospital at Maayo truly CARES.

From their promise of Maayo which in Cebuano means “be well”, discover a new healthcare experience in Cebu at The Hospital at Maayo.

To know more about The Hospital at Maayo, head over to the Facebook page at The Hospital at Maayo or their website at

Watch this video to get an exclusive tour of the hospital.

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