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Simple things you can do to make a service crew’s day


CEBU CITY, Philippines– Eating out is something most of us want to do to unwind and just enjoy our favorite food in restaurants.

But as we enjoy the ambiance, the food and the service, let’s not forget to still connect with the people working to give us the best dining experience.

As a customer, there are several things you can do to make your service crew’s day and show appreciation for their work.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Smile and be friendly— Greet the service crew with a warm smile and friendly demeanor. Kindness and positivity can go a long way in brightening their day.
  2. Address them by their name-— If the service crew member has a name tag or introduces themselves, address them by their name. It shows that you recognize them as an individual and not just someone serving you and this makes them feel more comfortable in serving you.
  3. Say “thank you”— Express your gratitude by saying “thank you” when they assist you or provide service. Simple words of appreciation can make a significant difference in their day.
  4. Be patient and understanding—  Service workers often deal with various challenges and demanding situations. Practice patience and understanding if there are delays or issues. A calm and empathetic attitude can ease their stress and improve their day.
  5. Leave positive feedback and TIP! –If you receive exceptional service, consider leaving positive feedback or reviews online, mentioning the name of the service crew member. And make sure to give them another reason to smile and feel good about their work by leaving a generous tip for them.

Also, an extra help for service crew is to keep your table clean after using to make it easy for them to prepare for the next customers.

Remember, treating service crew members with kindness, respect, and appreciation can create a positive environment for both you and them. It can make everyone’s day a little brighter.



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