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What’s the best flower to give on Valentine’s Day? Read on!

Flowers Valentine's Day

Choose the perfect flower for a perfect Valentine’s Day celebration. | CDN Photo / Kim Ablaña

CEBU CITY, Philippines – February 14 is finally here, which means the air is now filled with the sweet fragrance of romance and heartbeats.

As couples around the globe gear up to craft the most romantic day possible, one must consider choosing the “best flower” to give to their loved ones.

From classic roses to exotic orchids, the choice of bloom speaks volumes as it serves as a tender messenger of affection and devotion.

Selecting the perfect flower for your significant other holds great importance as it amplifies the sentiment behind your gesture and elevates the occasion to even greater heights of romance and meaning.

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Whether you’re a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a friend, or a family member — fret not, as CDN Digital is here to help you pick the perfect flower for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Flowers and their meanings

Leonisa Iroc, a flower vendor at Carbon Market in Cebu City, suggests that if you’re seeking a type of flower that will endure and maintain its beauty over time, symbolizing a lasting expression of love and affection, you may consider purchasing roses or deco pink mum flowers.

“Kini siyang mga buwaka mao ni jud niy pangitaon kay dugay madaot,” Iroc said. (These flowers are the ones most sought after because it doesn’t die fast.)

However, if you desire to deeply emphasize your feelings to the girl and ensure she understands the depth of your love, you may choose to purchase red roses.

“Ang red roses sign ni siya sa nagkahinigugmaay. Mabuhi jud imong kasing-kasing nya murag nalipay kaayo kung makadawat kag ingon ana. Dili ra sa manag-uyab pwede ra sa mama’g papa, igsuon, pamilya,” she explained.

(Red roses are signs of love. Your heart will surely come alive and you’d feel happy when you receive them. And it’s not only with lovers but also with parents, siblings and family.)

And if you want to express how pure your love is to that someone, white roses are for you.

Colors of roses indicate the stage of a relationship

Another flower vendor, Andy Ricamor, offers a unique perspective on the choice of rose colors for gifting to a significant other.

According to Ricamor, each color of roses conveys a distinct message tailored to the stage and depth of a romantic relationship.

For an admirer or someone in the courting phase, the pink rose reigns supreme, symbolizing budding affection and gentle admiration. As love blossoms and solidifies into a committed relationship, the red rose takes center stage, epitomizing passion and profound love.

However, for those who have taken the sacred vows of marriage, the white rose holds sway, representing purity, devotion, and everlasting commitment.

Rare, exotic flowers for an extra level of effort

If you’re still deliberating over which flower to choose for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, consider these rare and exotic options that signify an extra level of effort and thoughtfulness in your search.

Tulips, with their diverse array of colors, embody perfect love, with red symbolizing deep affection and yellow conveying cheerful thoughts.

Lilies, renowned for their elegant beauty, offer a touching choice representing purity and admiration, with white symbolizing innocence and pink signifying appreciation.

Orchids, known for their exquisite beauty and symbolism of love and luxury, present a sophisticated option that conveys strength and enduring affection.

Finally, sunflowers, with their radiant warmth and vibrant colors, symbolize adoration and loyalty, making them a joyful and uplifting choice to brighten your loved one’s day.

Practicality and preference

Valentine’s Day might be a day filled with people impressing the love of their lives with “one-day-grandeurs”; it is also important to note that you do not need to do the grandest of gestures to show your love, especially if it is out of what you can only provide.

It is necessary to consider practicality as well and of course, the preference of your loved one/s.

Hence, some people can already appreciate “simple and practical dates”, without the implication that the love shown is less than that of providing “costly bouquets”.

Showing your love for someone – partner, friends, and family can go on and on every day through showing respect, care, and compassion – holding onto the reality that it’s actually those small things that build up gratifying impacts of love.

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