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LANY songs

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Cebuanos must prepare for a night of ‘heartbreak’ because LANY is coming to Cebu and ready to sing for us while we’re *breaking*

LANY has been part of some teenagers’ journey, listening to their songs while aching for our *puppy love* or “situationship” that only took a month or two.

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Let’s ride down memory lane of their songs.

1. “ILYSB”

Ahhhhhh! This is every couple’s anthem way back year 2016. From its lyrics, “Oh, my heart hurts so good, I love you, babe, So bad.” It’s the only time where hurting is a good feeling.

2. “13”

This was the writer’s favorite song to emote back then with the lyrics, “Where did we go wrong? I know we started alright. Where did we go wrong? I swear I knew we’d last this time.” Surely, the perfect song for a heart-break, asking ‘Where did we go wrong?’, ‘When did it start?’, and ‘How did it happen’.

3. “Thru These Tears”

Lifting our spirits up, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, but also accepting that we can just cry it out tonight. With the lyrics, “In the end, I’m gonna be alright. But it might take a hundred sleepless nights. To make the memories of you disappear.”

4. “Malibu Nights”

Longing for someone who already left is another type of hurt and now we have to save ourselves and ask for help because ‘it’s getting worse’. With the lyrics, “Way too much whiskey in my blood. I feel my body giving up. Can I hold on for another night?”

5. “I Quit Drinking”

The song portrays a couple bonding over drinking, now separated. The lyrics highlight how breakup taints the singer’s relationship with alcohol, each drink is a reminder of lost love. “You’re the reason there’s no whiskey anywhere inside this house,” very relatable to some, right?


6. “The Breakup”

‘The Breakup’ tells the tale of someone hopping from one relationship to another. Realizing slow love isn’t his forte, he tends to bail quickly. But beware: being solo may seem cool, yet heartbreak stings big time!

7. “Thick and Thin”

This pop gem dives into the aftermath of a breakup, with lyrics capturing shattered promises like ‘Said you’d be there for me for everything.’ Paul Klein’s soulful vocals and the dreamy synth melody create an emotional rollercoaster you won’t want to get off.


This American band surely did a lot of amazing songs both for igniting love and for going through a painful breakup.

This October, Cebu will once again be graced by the band that helped most of the Cebuanos go through a tough time with their love lives.

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