Netizens express appreciation for their husbands

Husband Appreciation Day

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CEBU CITY, Philippines – Today, April 20, is Husband Appreciation Day.

Nobody knows who started this celebration, but many believed this was invented as a counterpart for Father’s Day, a day to honor husbands who remain childless.

Before the day ends, let’s pay tribute to all the husbands out there and recognize all that they have done for their spouses.

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There are many ways to show love and appreciation for your husband.  You can start by preparing his favorite meal and sharing dinner with him.

Another is by giving him a massage after a long day at work or sharing a bottle of beer with him while talking about how his day went.

These may be little things but these will surely make your husband feel valued and loved.

Some netizens have also expressed their appreciation for their husbands on social media.

Here are some of the messages that they sent to CDN Digital:

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