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Energy saving tips for the night shift employees

By: - June 18, 2024

Night shift employees work at night and sleep in the mornings. A full blast of the air conditioner from morning until afternoon to sleep comfortably could spike the electricity bill. Changes are needed to be made to adapt to their work schedule, particularly when they are alone and leave the house unattended throughout the night. 

If you are one of the night shift workers, here are some tips to lessen your electric consumption while having your morning beauty sleep:

Ironing habits

Energy saving tips for the night shift employees

Iron clothes in batches

Do not iron your clothes every day, because turning the flatiron on for a few clothes daily wastes more electricity and your time for rest. If possible, do it during your days off and in batches, like a week’s worth of clothes, and sort them by the type of fabric. So, you could gradually turn the iron temperature up when dealing with thicker fabrics like denim. However, there are other alternatives, such as using fabric conditioner to lessen wrinkles and creases, and the fragrance is just a bonus.

Natural lighting and ventilation

Energy saving tips for the night shift employees

Let the air enter your house for better ventilation

When getting back home, rather than switching the lights and air conditioning on, utilizing natural light and ventilation is a better option. The fresh air could come in and out of your house to cool it. Tying the curtains and opening the windows illuminate the house. So, traveling to your dreamland is a step easier.

Bath before sleep

Energy saving tips for the night shift employees

Take a shower after resting for 10–15 minutes

A nice bath after a long and tiresome shift calms the tension within your body from working all night. It is to get rid of the dirt and stickiness from your skin and helps to lower your body temperature from the humidity of the day. Taking a bath before sleeping also lessens the time and energy for you to prepare when going to work, as you will just wash your face and change into your clothes.

Dress for the weather

Energy saving tips for the night shift employees

Wear comfortable pajamas

When preparing to sleep, you should wear comfortable sleepwear that is suitable for the weather. If the goal is to sleep 6–8 hours in the morning and in hot weather, then shorts and sleeveless are the optimal attire. With breathable and lightweight clothes and natural ventilation, your air conditioning and electric fan will rarely be used.

Improvise when there are external distractions

Improvise when there are external distractions

Use curtains that accommodate your needs

Night shift employees sleep in the morning, and there are a few circumstances that hinder you from sleeping soundly, such as the noise, weather, sunlight, and your bed. So, use ear plugs and eye masks for the noise and light. If the weather is the problem, then close the curtain on the side where you sleep and keep your windows and doors open. Don’t even forget to change the bedding every week. You can then go to sleep after taking a bath. So, there are no other appliances and gadgets plugged into the other rooms in the house.

CDN Digital’s series of energy saving tips is supported by the Philippines’ second largest electric utility, Visayan Electric Company. To know more information and tips, visit the Visayan Electric Co. official Facebook page.



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