Why men love interesting ladies over nice ones

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CEBU CITY, Philippines—Ladies magazines over the years have always shared “fun” ideas of how one can get into a relationship.

Some of the hit topics are “how to get a guy to notice you,” or “how to attract a guy.”

World renowned author, Sherry Agrov,  sees these kinds of topics as letting ladies learn not how to be interesting, but rather, how to obsess over someone’s approval.

She shared this in her best-selling book, “Why Men Love Bitches.”

There has been a number of changes in getting into relationships today.


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It can be said that gone are the days when most of the women would bend over backwards just to get that one sweet glance from the guy they are interested in.

Men, according to Agrov in her book, like it when their partners would give them “mental challenge.”

In short, they like interesting girls than nice girls.

It’s important to note that people are complex, and the reasons for attraction can vary widely among individuals.

However, here are five general reasons why some men might be more attracted to interesting women rather than those who are solely “nice”:

Intellectual connection

Interesting women often have diverse hobbies, unique perspectives, and engaging conversation skills. This intellectual stimulation can be highly attractive as it challenges and captivates a man’s mind, leading to deeper and more fulfilling interactions. Men would want to know and get challenge to know you more, while, boys, are fine with the looks and effort you give them making them feel special.


Interesting women tend to be authentic and confident in their individuality. This authenticity can be more appealing than niceness that may sometimes come across as superficial or people-pleasing. Men often appreciate partners who are genuine and true to themselves.

Adventurous Kind

An interesting woman might have an adventurous spirit, willing to explore new activities, travel, and take risks. This sense of adventure can be exciting and invigorating, making the relationship dynamic and less predictable.

Personal Growth

Being with an interesting partner can encourage personal growth. Such women often inspire men to try new things, learn, and expand their horizons. This mutual growth can lead to a stronger, more interesting relationship. Women would want to see their partners achieve new things and they will be okay with it and cheering them on.

Emotional Understanding

Interesting women often have rich emotional lives and are more emotionally intelligent,  which can lead to more meaningful and deeper connections. This depth allows for a stronger emotional bond and a more satisfying relationship overall.

Ultimately, while niceness is valued, the appeal of an interesting woman stems from the excitement she injects into life. It’s the witty banter turning dull evenings into unforgettable ones, her genuine charisma keeping things lively, and her adventurous spirit making ordinary moments extraordinary.