‘Situationship’ and navigating through it

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Dating in today’s life is a bit confusing or complicated than what we used to in the earlier days.

Before, you meet someone, hang out with them, get to know them then get together.

But, today, you meet someone, run around the bushes, try to figure each other out, and not just sit down and talk about getting together or calling it quits.

A term was coined by the young ones to describe this “phenomenon” and that is what they call today, “situationship.”

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Yes, a situation wherein you are not really in a relationship, but it kind of feels like one already.

A situationship is a relationship that is more than friendship but less than a committed or labeled relationship.

A no-commitment kind of thing. Does this ring a bell to you?

To get into a situationship you have to manage your emotions and expectations.

  • No consistency–  If they vanish for a couple of days after texting you, don’t go chasing after them. It’s a free-flowing ride!
  • Exclusive? Nah, it’s more like an open house party!– You’re both welcome to mingle with others while still enjoying each other’s company.
  • Convenience is the name of the game— Forget about planning; it’s all about those spontaneous, last-minute rendezvous when it suits you both.
  • Keep it light and breezy–  No deep dives into personal stuff—just chatting about your day without getting too serious. Think of it as a casual hangout.
  • Honesty is key– If you’re catching feelings or just want to keep it real, be upfront about it. It’s all about keeping the vibes honest and transparent.

To date and be with someone today may be a tad more complicated than before. But whatever floats your boat, go do it. For as long as you don’t step on anyone’s toes, and get hurt in the process, enjoy your life the way you want to.

Who knows maybe along the way of getting into “situationships” you can finally get into that long-lasting relationship.


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