‘Breadcrumbing’: Do you know what this is?


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Breadcrumbs in the world of food are the ones that make a certain dish crispy, right?

But a certain slang has been going around town again suggesting a different meaning to the word.


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Slang word used by young ones

This is the slang that most young ones use nowadays about someone giving them little to no attention.

Somewhat a way of manipulating them into feeling that this person is into you and then goes off the grid for many days or months and just shows up whenever it is convenient for them.


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Breadcrumbing defined

According to Urban Dictionary, it is just as simple as 1,2,3.

The person whom you are interested in may have made you feel that they too are interested in you for some time, but the sad truth is they are NOT THAT interested.

Leaving you with just the crumbs of their attention— spillage, leftover.


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Okay, now, we head out to solving this problem and putting a stop to it by knowing the signs if they are breadcrumbing you.

The Ghost: They appear sporadically, keeping you hooked with minimal effort.

'Breadcrumbing': Do you know what this is?

Don’t wait for their replies.

Mixed Signals: Their actions and words don’t match; one moment affectionate, the next distant.

Full of Excuses: Always have a reason to avoid commitment or plans.

Social Media Spy: They’re well-versed in your life online but avoid direct communication. They see your stories, and do nothing about it.

Master of Ambiguity: Drop hints but never commit, leaving you guessing about their intentions.

Remember, dating should be fun and fulfilling, not frustrating and confusing. If you find yourself experiencing these signs of breadcrumbing, it might be time to reevaluate whether this person is worth your time and energy.

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