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Keeping it private or a secret? Read on

Keeping it private or a secret?

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Sharing things about your relationship is normal.

Some couples would want to share most of the things while others want to take some of the things private.

Both are good depending on the the couple but there’s a fine line between privacy and secrecy.

Oh, looks like you we have your attention now.

Here, let us see the fine line between secrecy and privacy.

One way privacy— if your partner tends to keep your relationship from his or her end most of the time but has an active online life, then there’s something wrong there. If your partner makes more time in other people’s post than yours that’s something you should consider thinking about.

Makes you unsure— sometimes, it gets into you, making you stop and think if you both are still in the same boat, and that if it’s still keeping things private or a secret.

Avoids mentioning you— in times when your partner and you go out and meet some people it gets awkward when it comes to the introducing part and your partner tends to not mention you at all. Awkwaaaarddd.

Saying they are single— even when you are not, you here your partner sometimes telling others he or she is off the hook and can still paint the town red as a single individual.

No trace of you on your partner’s socials— privacy still has a few traces of your partner on your social media accounts sometimes, but to someone who is keeping it a secret than private, there will never be a trace of you on his or her social media accounts.

Don’t force things, if this relationship is more like a secret than keeping it private, you don’t deserve it.

It will only make you unsure of yourself and even become insecure.

Leave and learn to be in a relationship in private than one that is a secret.



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