‘Delulu’: Are you one? Do you even know what a ‘delulu’ is?

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Have you ever tried making up scenarios inside your mind about the person to whom you are attracted to?

Maybe making signs of some gestures that would make you feel he or she is into you too?

Apparently, in today’s language, especially on social media a term came to light.


'Delulu': Are you one? Do you even know what a 'delulu' is?

This describes someone who has some unrealistic ideas about their love interest or someone, delusional.

In some accounts on TikTok, they shared that this started with K-Pop fans back in 2013 or 2014 wherein they would imagine marrying their idols and making up scenarios in their heads.

To make it more simple for the older generations, this term is the short term for the word, “delusional.”

This is what millennials and Gen Z use when they try and makeup stories about someone they like or are seeing, twisting reality into something unrealistic—deluluness comes into play.

Should we dive deep into what a ‘delulu’ is like?

Sure! Read on.

Cherry-Picking Facts: Ignoring evidence that doesn’t fit their story, like picking only the good side.

Living in delulu land: Preferring their dream version of reality over what’s happening, like living in a fantasy movie!

Superhero Syndrome: Thinking they’re perfect and can do no wrong, like believing they’re a superhero with no weaknesses!

Dreaming Too Big: Expecting everything to be amazing without putting in the work, like hoping to win the lottery without buying a ticket!

No Critique Zone: Refusing to listen to any feedback that isn’t praise, like blocking out all negative comments with imaginary earmuffs!

No matter how you say it, if you like a person, make sure your head is not too high with the clouds, and both feet are on the ground, always touch with reality.


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