Is your body ready for the summer?

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NOTHING says “I’m ready for summer” better than actually shaping up for it.

So what’s the plan? Some would embark  on diet and exercise programs. Conversely, there are those who will think  of extreme measures (ouch!) to get rid of the flab. Yet,  there are also many people with physical difficulties, or even those that simply don’t have the time/could not   commit to a regular workout, and therefore can’t exercise in the traditional way.

Now consider this:

In premier slimming center Marie France, the advanced weight-loss and body-shaping treatments are all described as “non-invasive slimming.“ The top treatments are VelaContour, TriPollar Legend and Endermologie+.

First, what is non-invasive?

It is non-surgical treatment to lose accumulated fat in the body without going under the knife. Most people prefer this type of method as it’s said to be as effective as surgical procedures, and there are already evident results after a few sessions. Basically, non-invasive reinforces the natural bodily functions such as boosting the body’s metabolism; hence, it’s painless down to zero side-effects. Marie France’s weight-loss programs are supervised by doctors, nutritionists and slimming consultants, and are personalized to suit each client’s needs.



VelaContour has been proven to diminish the appearance of dimply, cottage cheese-like cellulite and redefine body curves. It uses Electro-Optical Synergy (ELOS), a combination of infrared light and bipolar radio frequency targeted on areas where most fats are.

TriPollar Legend is efficient in targeting resistant fat and firming up flabby skin. Its TriLipo technology works simultaneously on fat, skin and muscle. The triple action results in non-invasive fat reduction, immediate skin tightening, and long-term body shaping. Only now it is more efficient as Marie France has the newest upgrade of this latest slimming technology.

Endermologie+ is another body contouring treatment that reduces visible fat bulges from the body.

 TriPollar Legend

TriPollar Legend

It uses advanced roller and suction technology to naturally dispose cellulites for smoother, tighter skin.

Other than the most in demand body slimming procedures at Marie France, they also have the Physique Inch-Loss treatment which uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A slight and tolerable electrical current passes through a number of electrodes attached to the abdomen, upper legs, and lower back for firmer abs and tighter midsection.

According to a staff member, a 15-minute session could tone and strengthen the muscles in those areas —the same benefits as doing 225 sit-ups. Think of  firmer and slimmer stomach and thighs .

A good example of boosting the body’s metabolism through natural process is by Fat Mobilization System (FMS) which makes use of the body’s thermogenesis.



Thermogenesis is when the body produces heat to burn calories. When the body is immersed in cold temperature, the brain signals the muscles to contract, and that’s why we shiver. The muscle contraction, or shivering, is the body’s natural way of producing heat to keep us warm. Marie France’s FMS uses body wraps of 15 degrees Celsius. It’s not too cold—just cool enough to trigger the body’s thermogenesis. This is developed in Switzerland and is scientifically proven to accelerate the body’s natural biochemical process and enzyme activity. It promotes real fat elimination and is ideal for general weight-loss.

Marie France opened its new Cebu branch on the eigth floor of the 2QUAD Building, Cardinal Rosales Avenue in Cebu Business Park. Located on the same floor are the sister companies, Facial Care Centre and Svenson Centre for hair loss solutions services.

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