OLX campaigns for responsible voting


The OLX booth at Ayala Center Cebu was a huge hit among mall-goers.

OLX, the global brand buy-and-sell website, launched its campaign on responsible voting among Filipinos to raise awareness that a vote can’t and mustn’t be bought with money.

The campaign “Ibenta Mo na ang Gamit Mo, ‘Wag lang ang Boto Mo” tackles the issue of vote-buying which begs the question, what  exactly is the worth of one’s vote? A vote is a right of every citizen on his/her say in the upcoming presidential election.

It is a chance to be heard in this national decision-making process that could either break or shape a democratic country.

In an interview with OLX Senior Marketing Manager-Cebu Regina Aguilar, such right is often taken for granted by many in the thought that a vote is a thing with a price tag.

OLX is known for its classified  platforms where they connect local people online to buy and/or sell used goods or trade with the use of mobile phones or on the web.

In the nearing elections, OLX aims for an exchange of political stands and views among Filipinos toward the candidates they are rooting for.

Regina George 2

Regina Aguilar, OLX Senior Marketing Manager-Cebu (CDN PHOTO / EDD BUENAVIAJE)

A two-day photo booth with thought balloons such as “Ibebenta ko ang gitara ko, hindi boto ko” and “Ibebenta ko cellphone ko, hindi boto ko” was installed at the third floor of Ayala Center. People flocked around the area to have their shots taken and participate.

The objective is to spread the word online with the hashtag #VotePH and #HalagaNgBotoMo. A video recording was also made available where one answers a question and shares his/her opinion surrounding the presidential election.

Printed shirts, mini tote bags, and bag badges with the campaign’s tagline were handed out.

To inform, instruct and educate, OLX encourages voters to be responsible starting with acquainting one’s self on the functions of the local and national government, and familiarizing how the party-list system works.

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