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Ian King comes out as trans woman

Joey Mead King with Ian (now Angelina) Mead King.

Joey Mead King with Ian (now Angelina) Mead King.

FOR top model Joey Mead King and her husband Ian, now identified as Angelina King, love knows no gender.

The news about the transformation of Ian King, car enthusiast behind the lucrative venture, Car Porn Racing and an heir of Victoria Court, has rocked the internet world as she has announced her becoming of a trans woman on her identified Instagram accounts—@hailtothe_queen_ and @hailtothe_king.

Angelina posted a photo of her and Joey last July 2, both wearing black pointed stilletos and wrote a caption, describing her wife Joey as her rock and number one supporter.

Using Angelina’s own words, she described her coming out with hashtags “love is love,” “be proud,” “be true be you,” “love wins” and “transgender.”
The two got married in Los Angeles in 2011.

In an article posted by Top Gear, Angelina shared, “We only have one life to live, and we should all try and live it as authentic as possible. I would like to thank everyone for the love and support that I have been receiving.”

“I never thought in my wildest dreams that this would become a reality for me. I will always keep bringing innovation to the car community in the months to come!” Angelina added.

The automobile magazine based in the country, also shared that now Angelina Mead King still responds to her old name (Ian King) as she puts it since she doesn’t hate her life as Ian and of course, prefers she than he.

Joey, on her Instagram account, posted a photo of her wearing a bikini, enjoying the pool and with the caption: “Freedom.”

Both Joey and Angelina’s Instagram accounts were flooded with messages of love and support @hailtothe_queen, Angelina’s account that has been active for 195 weeks, has been proudly documenting her transition journey, with several OOTD inspirations—with her stunning blue-and-purple hair and “on-fleek” make-up, to boot.

To welcome herself into a new, more free life, she declared, “Sometimes, the King is a woman.”

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