Manager doesn’t feel appreciated

Dear Ms. Belle,

I am a manager of a company. Under me are 10 supervisors, and I report to the vice president, who is based in Manila. I really love my job. I want the local branch to get bigger, and I am doing my best to make sure things are in order. However, I am frustrated with the way things are going on in my branch. There’s one employee who is always grumbling. A supervisor told me that this employee keeps telling everyone that their salaries are very low, the work is really heavy and that they should look for other jobs. I was really hurt. They just don’t know that I am trying my best to give them the best salary allowable and my great efforts in getting the approval from Manila. I also heard that the staff are gossiping and backbiting me. Ms. Belle, I always consider the situation and feelings of my people but these are not appreciated. Sometimes I’m feeling fed up, and I just want to terminate them because there are still unwarranted absences and tardiness even if I had already called their attention. Then again, I end up still considering their reasons. Many times I get discouraged but I just do everything to push forward because the head office has placed their trust in me. I also need the job because I am the breadwinner in the family.


Dear Celeste,

It’s wonderful to hear of an employee’s great commitment to a job. Unfortunately, commitment is not just enough. In the present workplace, there is a dearth of skilled workers, who are efficient and also have a positive attitude. What you seem to encounter gossiping, discontent over the salaries, negative influence and a general outlook of complaint which are quite commonplace these days. Often, employees look at management as the provider for their needs rather than the party who will compensate their contribution to the company. Sad, but true. Employees want a salary increase because goods are expensive, tuition has increased, another child is coming… all of which have nothing to do with the company’s goals performance or profitability.

Anyway, regarding your frustration and hurt. Most of what is bothering you is from the grapevine. Most of what is hurting your feelings are from things you “heard” and these loose talks should be put aside. You also expressed a need for appreciation. Perhaps if you aligned your concerns and put the “heard” things aside as unreliable, and express and explain the effort that you have put in so they will understand, things would be better for all of you. If they appreciate it, then that would be good, if they don’t, be assured that you have given it your best shot. Managing people is always a challenge. Even if you will come out scarred, you’ll be a better and wiser person from the experience.

Ms. Belle

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