National Book Store holds Color and Calligraphy Fair in Cebu

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HAVE you grown an interest in calligraphy or you’re already into it? Maybe you already knew which point size fits your writing, maybe not yet. In fact, maybe you’re already attached to one writing tool because you’re convinced it makes your
writing look best. You’re simply pleased to see well-sharpened, neatly-lined coloring pencils —felt calm and slightly glorious of having a new set of markers, pens, and pencils.

If you are, then great!

It did seem that interest in this sort of art had dwindled since we reached the millennium, but things are looking up. There’s been a bit and gradual revival of this art. And don’t get me started on adult coloring books! The increasing number of people taking a chance on this age-old hobby is impressive because in a world where everything can be digitized or typed in, the meeting of pen and paper is quite a breath of fresh air.

National Book Store, in its effort to support seasoned and aspiring artists, held a two-day Color and Calligraphy Fair at SM City Northwing Atrium. Live murals and demos were done the entire day. The young and professionals took part; even the curious ones popped in, too. Writing instruments from different brands presented their new additions. Some are exclusively sold at National Bookstore. From a non-artist point of view, the event was informative and interactive. I’ve wrapped up some
basic tips for beginners like me.

Choosing the right pen is the key.

As far as artists are concerned, there is more to it than just a writing instrument where ink flows through a point. It’s more than just a tool—it’s an extension of their writing hand. For beginners, it’s important to know what you want to achieve and knowing which pen is best to achieve it. Gone are the quills. Modern calligraphy pens contain ink. Two things to consider: The nib and the ink. The nib comes in different sizes, therefore, gives different results. Artists use different nibs for different calligraphy styles.

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Marvy Uchida’s calligraphy pen has the 2.0mm, 3.5mm, and 5.0mm point sizes. Their drawing technical pen has eight point sizes which are best suited with their Le Plume Permanent Markers perfect for manga and anime style comic artwork. Their fabric markers have water-resistant pigmented ink that quickly dries up.

For blending colors, Sakura’s brush pen is water-based dyestuff ink and, of course, Faber Castell’s watercolor pencils that come off as intense and vivid in color combination given the correct pressure and water.

UNI’s revolutionary new pen, uniball AIR, integrates the softness of a felt tip and the toughness of a ball pen. The patented AIR-tip can write boldly or neatly depending on the pressure applied. The uniball Signo DX is smooth in writing and has exceptional ink quality which comes in a variety
of colors and tip sizes perfect for scrapbooks, notes, or marking the calendar. The UNI Super Ink has a remarkable level of water, chemical, and light resistance.

Caran d’Ache is a brand from Swiss that takes pride in its optimal transparency of no veiled effect. Its matte-colored cap
exactly matches its lead color. These soft watercolor pencils are of extra-fine quality, high pigment density of 76 vibrant colors good for blending for wet or dry mix techniques.

The trusty brands we, Cebuanos, had grown up with like Titus, Stabilo, Pilot, and Sharpie were also made available.


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Hold it right.

Well, above anything else, the writing surface must be stable. Cebu talents such as AJ Tabino, Janot, Gian Solamo, Chan Cane, and Hansoy were invited to showcase their talents. They used little pressure and kept their hands barely touching the paper. I also noticed that the angle of the pen is constant as the letters were written across the paper.

Different strokes for different folks.

Graphic artists, designers, illustrators, architects, cartoonists, and students, whatever your interests are in arts, there are a lot of writing tools to choose from nowadays. Choose which field you fit in. Calligraphy helps express oneself through words in a highly artistic manner however that person prefers. With different styles and colors, it does not just bring about self-expression but also stimulates visual creativity. It turned into something that falls in a crossing point between drawing and writing and is an analog skill that continues to extend the kind of respite much needed in this digital world.

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