De Lima is in a dilemma

By: Atty. Ruphil F. Bañoc November 17,2016 - 08:34 PM

Once perceived as a strong woman and a fighter, Senator Leila de Lima has finally admitted of her weakness. She describes it as “frailties of a woman.” She stumbled on a driver sweet lover.

De Lima’s admission that she had a relationship with her former driver and bodyguard Ronnie Dayan is tantamount to taking a stone and string it against her own head.

Such a romantic relationship with Dayan, which was made public and simultaneous with the appearance of the supermoon, was borne of the trust that developed between them, as she claimed, and it lasted for many years.

She further said that she helped Dayan financially but denied that she financed the construction of the latter’s mansion.

Whether her admission was calculated or just a slip of the tongue, such can be used against her as it happened during a media interview and so it is very well admissible as evidence in the court of justice.

It can be used in cases of adultery, disbarment and in her alleged connection to the illegal drug trade in the country.

Although some do not want to dwell on matters that are private in nature but considering that citizens of this country are dominated by Christians, then it is no wonder if many would frown on De Lima as regards the said issue like what the Gabriela group has strongly expressed.

The cases, however, that are impressed with public interest are her alleged involvement in the drug trade and allegedly using Dayan as her bagman. Her admission can ease the burden of the prosecution as it no longer needs to prove her intimate relationship and ironclad connection with her driver.

On the part of Dayan, he needs to appear and deliver his piece to clear his name, his family’s reputation and consequently that of De Lima if indeed they are not involved in the illegal drug trade. Anyway, those cases borne of “frailties of a woman” which are private in nature are distinct and separate from the drug cases.

As of now, Dayan has nothing to fear if indeed he is innocent of the allegations on the illegal drug trade. He should not be afraid of the adultery case because so far his wife being the aggrieved party has not filed a case against him. He cannot be afraid of disbarment unlike De Lima who is a lawyer. Why does he continue to be in hiding? Why does he continue to disrespect the congress?

He will just have to simply answer significant questions to clear his name such as did he really collect money from the drug lords in Bilibid? If yes, is he doing it on his own capacity or did he just use the name of his boss, Sen. De Lima without the knowledge of the latter? If no, what does he think is the motive of those convicted drug lords to pin him down? If Sen. De Lima did not finance the construction of his mansion, where did he get the money to build it? Why does his daughter have P24 million in her account as traced lately by the DOJ?

Until and unless Dayan surfaces and tells his story with controverting evidences, all allegations against him are presumed by many as true. He cannot blame other people to suspect him as such because of his own action of flight, an indication of guilt.

De Lima will be facing legal predicaments because of her “frailties.” If she unintentionally admitted to her love affair with Dayan, then she has to suffer the consequences of her recklessness. Nevertheless, if she intentionally admitted it, then it is expected that she has reasons and she knows her next moves. It seems that De Lima is in a dilemma.

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