Ring in the Year of the Rooster

Marites Allen talks about finding luck in 2017  in her latest visit to Cebu. (CDN PHOTO/XAVIER SOLIS)

Marites Allen talks about finding luck in 2017 in her latest visit to Cebu. (CDN PHOTO/XAVIER SOLIS)

FORTUNE favors the brave. It’s an old adage that reminds us to take a leap of faith and do what we must regardless of the hardship that is ahead.

Thus, we could only wish for things to rule in our favor and get to the end goal with less misfortune as possible. As luck comes our way, so can it evade us also.

This is where Feng Shui comes in.

According to International Feng Shui Master Marites Allen, there are three types of luck: heaven’s luck, mankind luck, and earth luck. Some are naturally born prettier, smarter, or richer. It is God-given, pre-ordained, and cannot be changed. Mankind luck points to our actions and decisions that shape our future.

Earth luck, on the other hand, pertains to this flow of energy—a force of some sort that surrounds us. It is the aim of Feng Shui to lessen the negative energy at the same time increase the positive energy.

“Can you imagine—not having the heaven’s luck, you’re lazy, and you’re welcoming negative energy?“ said Maritess during the recent fortune forecast for 2017, the Year of the Fire Rooster, at Montebello Villa Garden Hotel.

“Or your luck is good but you sleep in a bad location. It’s no good at all,” added Marites.

Marites presented the Flying Star Chart for 2017, a powerful a compass-based method for analyzing what is to come. This refers to the floor plan at home, which the whole family can benefit from. The idea is basically to bring luck to our home by using a compass and identify the north and south and subdivide the entire area into nine grids: north, south, east, west, southeast and southwest, northeast and northwest and the center.

The 2017 star chart shows which direction the negative energy resides. The south is the most dreaded location as there lies tragedy, income loss, and other extreme misfortunes. The bed has to be moved if it’s located in the south of the room. If the room itself is in the south area of the house, balance it out by placing fresh plant or water fountain, or anything that has activity going on.

West has the quarrelsome star, and southwest is plagued by the burglary star. Northwest invites illness so subdue it by painting the walls white.

The good energy, meanwhile, resides in the east and southeast where the prosperity star is. Those born in the Year of the Rabbit will be blessed with this star. The north is blessed with heaven star which means that if the house is in or faces north, it will welcome great fortune, wealth, and power.

Rat-born individuals will receive such luck. Northeast attracts love and education so if you want to reconcile or conceive, take advantage of the northeast location. Tiger and Ox will receive much love or good marriage this year. The center has the victory star so if you wish to study or write a book, best to do it at the center of the room or center of the house.

Marites advised to first “cure” the negative sectors before activating the good sectors.

“There’s no point in putting these pampa-swerte you bought from Chinatown. It has to be updated every year with the correct charms and protection,” said Marites.

The Feng Shui Master runs Frigga Charmed Life boutique at SM Seaside that sells charms and fashionable garments rooted in the concept of prosperity and luck.

Marites debunked the common misconception of wearing green for 2017. Lucky colors largely depend on each of our own destiny chart. This green concept only applies to industries like fashion or launching a furniture line.

So prep up for the Chinese New Year and welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster. Wear red, eat sweet food, and speak only kind words in the break of dawn when the rooster cockles at the new beginning of another 365-day journey.

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