Objects of desire

THE BUSINESS of being the creative commander in the battalion whets our curiosity of how they really do it—as in really do it—in their dwelling places.

These three, for example, have been under a generous fraction of ogling that has converted us into die-hard fanatics.

For the first time, they have opened their doors at home and assembled a Christmas dinner table decorated according to the proportions they
adhere to at work.

Allow us to entertain you with a banquet feast for the eyes.

Pinky Chang, the most obvious in the list, twists a very familiar idea and wraps us a gift of delight.

Bask under the December sun with Dianne Espera who has daydreamt of the eternal summer and pocketful of white sands that ushered her to what she most like about herself.

And then, here’s Nia Aldeguer. Oh, Nia—why do you have to invent a whole new lanai for it?

Dianne Espera’s concept of “eternal summer”


Pinky Chang, Event Stylist

As Cebu’s most prominent decorator, Pinky has prepared a concept that is a total departure from what she’s known for.

“I like simple decors. If I had to do it for myself, this is how it looks. I want to create space where we can talk and move,” she says in contrast to the grand execution of props and flowers at weddings. Inspired by the charger plate she bought in France, she opts for pink and peacock feathers to
create a subdued eclectic vibe. A bird house acts as the centerpiece accentuated with a floral ensemble on the round drift wood, a merge of bohemian and glamour. But whether she runs to her own taste or returns to what the clients want, her brand of class is always as defined.


Dianne Espera,Accessories Designern “I like Christmas, but I do not usually decorate with the usual holiday elements because I like to incorporate my own take,” Dianne, who designs for her own line of accessories Sepa, explains how she styles the table in sync with her newest collection.

She sprawls seashells, fishing net (as table runner) and white sands in the middle and complements them with fresh fruits and wood-themed plates. It’s tropical the whole year round.

“My customers respond more when I became true to my aesthetics. I love the beach. I like tropical themes, and this should be in my decors, too,” she says.

Chang’s dinner table set-up is a lovely mix of bohemian and glamour.


Nia Aldeguer, Architect

Born to the Durano family in Danao, she has been influenced by her mother who loves to mix antiques and Christmas decors.
“My mom has grander taste.

Mine is a little bit minimal,” says Nia, who also helms the design team of Loalde as the brand’s creative director. “It’s just the same with what’s happening in fashion.”

For the first time, the Aldeguer family can enjoy holiday dinners in the new lanai that she designed to maximize the view of the city below. Here, she has prepared two sets of table decorations.

One outside where she incorporates candles in tall metallic gold encasement, chocolate brown ornaments, place cards with names of her family (husband Chris, children Finn and Sabrina), and the mother of pearl placemats, an heirloom from her mother-in-law. The all-silver concept offers a modern vibe in the main dining area inside the house: textured leaves to match the clear glasswares.

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