Thrice at the Tsay Cheng

DURING the last Christmas season, we had the opportunity of enjoying the exquisite Chinese cuisine of the Tsay Cheng restaurant. All three occasions were held in private rooms, with impeccable service.

First it was Ambassador Francisco Benedicto who hosted the usual luncheon for friends in media, splendidly coordinated by Sam Costanilla.

Ambassador Benedicto was as suave and urbane as ever. He transmits an easy charm, effortless in him for the grand gentleman
that he is.

On this occasion, he had special guests in Frank and Malou Cimafranca, he being in a high post at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). Frank spoke about  the opening of more DFA offices all over the country to process passport applications.

He and his wife are from Bohol. This year 2018 may see them posted in Athens with Frank as the Philippine Ambassador to Greece.

* * *
There was another diplomatic luncheon for the press, this time hosted by Shi Yong, the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Cebu. He is young, dynamic, and very eloquent.

The menu was carefully chosen, and rated superlatives.

“We may not celebrate Christmas in China, but we sure enjoy it,” said Shi Yong.

We did, too, and all of us went home with a gift wooden box containing a bottle of red wine elaborated in China from wines imported from France.

More celebrations are coming up, like the advent of the Year of the Earth Dog during the Chinese lunar new year on Feb. 16.

Our third occasion at Tsay Cheng was for the excellent dinner party hosted by Bayani and Virgie Reyes to celebrate her birthday among close friends and relations. With them were their pretty and accomplished daughters, Sheila and Leslie Ann.

Aside from the stupendous Chinese gastronomy served Virgie made sure there was the traditional lechon, crispy on the outside, juicy in the inside.

“Have some more,” she encouraged everyone with hospitable concern.

I was seated next to Rafaelita “Ochie” Pelaez who had interesting and very amusing travel stories to relate. She’ll have more as this January she is going to India.

“I’ve always wanted to see the Taj Mahal in Agra,” she declared.

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