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“IF IT scares you, it might be a good thing to try” was the very thought that came to my mind when I was presented with the opportunity to write for CDN. Out of all the many firsts 2018 threw my way, this was the only thing that had me second-guessing myself. I was hesitant yet eager to take this love for writing to a whole new level and while this may, or may not work, at least I get to tell myself that “Hey, you tried!” After all, I did learn a thing or two from watching “Tangled” one too many times with my daughter: Venture outside your comfort zone, the rewards are worth it.


My blog, Perfumed Red Shoes, has been in existence since 2009, and while it has undergone numerous name and domain changes, and went on hiatuses for four to five months at a time, one thing remains true—it has a big chunk of my 20s written all over the pages of this small part of the World Wide Web that I would always keep coming back to. Efforts to ignore it proved futile and when I thought about deleting
it, I just couldn’t bring myself to actually do it. So I thought, why not leave it as it is and just make a new chapter?


At 30, I’m pretty sure you’ve learned the hard lesson (just as I have) that sunblock should have been our best friend when we were in our twenties or the fact that one should never be without a good exfoliator in her arsenal. One should know by now that toners are necessary and moisturizers are top priority. But if you haven’t established an effective nighttime routine, or any beauty-related regimen for that matter, fret not because you’re not the only one who struggles with terms like serums, essences, face oils, exfoliating acids and even Jamsu. The beauty world can be such a confusing place for newbies and veterans alike, but we’ll explore it’s many minefields and learn beauty jargon together because we’re tight like that!


“Twinning, but not really” is the mommy-and-daughter style I always go for because twinning doesn’t necessary mean wearing the exact same
outfit together. It could very well be a particular style interpreted differently but with a tying element to make your outfits look cohesive. This way, you don’t have to buy similar outfits together making you save cash and closet space altogether. Of course, this will not be the only topic under this category. Expect style tips, favorite online shops list, how to curate a capsule wardrobe, One Item Challenges and What To Wear At articles. This is for every mommy who wants to learn a thing or two about fashion.


I am really big on home organization and DIY projects and ever since we moved into our own place, my husband and I have been DIY-ing stuff around the house nonstop. Not only does it help us save on labor expenses, it’s also a good way to learn how to compromise and work on stronger communication ties. I will be sharing home organization ideas and simple DIY projects that you, your significant other, and even your kids can do together.


Whether we’re working a 9-5 or have freelance work at home, us moms have so much on our plates that sometimes we miss the little things that help us keep our sanities intact. While we can’t stop time from ticking and errands from piling, how about we just carve a little time out of our busy schedules to just do the things we’ve always wanted todo? Whether you’re looking into learning a new hobby, a new recipe or discovering new pamper-me-activities and outdoorsy stuff that you can do alone or with your family, let me suggest a few things through a Favorite Five or Mommy Musings posts.


They always say that the best way to teach a child about the world is to let him /her read a book. While that is already proven true, one thing that we can also do to let them experience and enjoy life more is to let them travel. But traveling is no easy feat especially when you’re traveling with toddlers who have unlimited supply of energy. I remember the first time we took Vania on an out-of-town beach trip, I was a bundle of nerves knowing that the land trip to El Nido would take around six to seven hours but luckily, we came prepared. Thanks to a handful of sites sharing tips on what to do and what to bring when traveling to a new place with a toddler in tow. I still get emails from readers asking me about my “Traveling to El Nido with a Toddler” post and it’s nice to know that up to this day, three years after, my post is still helping those who wish to travel to that island paradise with their little ones. So that is exactly the same thing I want to impart here—travel tips, essentials, kid-friendly activities and destinations in, out and around Cebu.


I thought long and hard before taking this plunge because I wanted a space where I can pour my thoughts into that every woman around my age can very much relate to. “For Every Mommy” came about with every mother like me in mind. This is for all of us who want to try something new—a new hobby (crash course on calligraphy, yes?), new DIY project ideas, new beauty regimen, new twinning outfit ideas with our mini-me, new recipes, some home organization ideas, and of course, style and travel tips for every family with little kids in tow. I am absolutely delighted to be starting a new journey through this column and I am looking forward to learning new things and experiences with you. I hope you guys are in it for the long haul because I am!

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