10 household hacks for every mommy

cupcake liners inside a jar

LIFE hacks are extremely popular these days because in today’s fast-paced world, we all need simple solutions to address everyday troubles in as little time as possible.

Whether one is working a 9 to 5 or does freelance work at home, we mommas need all the help we can get to get things done in a very orderly fashion.

And because I believe keeping our homes neat and clean doesn’t necessarily have to get in the way of us enjoying leisure time with our families, I scoured the interwebs for simple yet creative hacks that I can do using the items I already have at home.

While some of them are already very popular and are no longer new to you, I still listed the top 10 household hacks I practice/do at home that I find really, really useful.

1) So you have a big bag of tissue rolls for the 3½ baths you have at home.

Use a magazine/file folder holder to store them and make sure they’re in your favorite color/house theme palette too for a more cohesive look.

Don’t forget to add a stopper (use a hair tie) to keep them from rolling off the holder.

2) “Hide” your house keys in plain sight by using pretty storage boxes as holders.

cupcake liner as drip catcher

Who would think that an inconspicuous wooden box holds your house keys?

Not only does it hide your keys effectively, it also doubles as a wall decoration.

3) Keep your kitchen counters tidy and your walls pretty by using tea bag storage boxes that can also double as wall decor

I like our counter clutter-free because I need ALL the space whenever Vania and I are baking something so my husband and I thought it best to just mount our tea bag box on the wall—and voila! Function and aesthetics rolled into one.

4) Speaking of clutter-free kitchen counters, use a plate rack to organize your chopping boards.

I have three different chopping boards for different uses—one for meat,
one for vegetables and fruits, the other one for Vania’s bento snacks.

I used to just store them inside cabinets after air-drying them but I find it doubly useful to just use an artsy rack to air-dry, and at the same time, organize them.

5) Use acrylic brochure racks to hold non-stick paper or foil rolls.

Keep your baking needs organized by using a brochure rack that you can stick somewhere in your kitchen that is easy to find/reach.

6) For hard to reach places in your kitchen, use a lazy susan.

If you have a corner in your pantry that you want to maximize storage space, use a lazy susan.

wall-mounted storage to store house keys

For the top part of your fridge?

Use a lazy susan! While some like this part clutter-free, I like utilizing this part to hold frequently used/consumed goods and this lazy susan trick saves me from unnecessary stretching!

7) Papers and chips. Who doesn’t love chips?

While the can keeps the crisps crispy and intact, shoving your hand all the way down could crush them beautiful little things
(if you’re not careful) or risk enjoying a confetti of Pringles if you “drink” from the canister.

So why not fold a clean paper in half, shove it down the canister, and just slide them pretty little things in and out of the can? Yes? You’re welcome!

8) Store cupcake liners and toppers in pretty glass jars. Two things: 1. easier inventory, and 2. pretty shelf accents.

9) Use cupcake liners as popsicle drip catchers. Clever, easy, fun and clean.

10) We have three beds in different sizes and each has two to three sheet sets as back-ups.

To keep our linen cabinet as organized as possible, I store the bedsheets inside their matching pillowcases.

That way, I only need to pull out one item instead of going through piles and piles of linens looking for the rest of the set. Saves you time, effort, and space.

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