5 easy houseplants for the new ‘plantita’

YES, you read that right. Plantita, a play on the words “plant” and “tita”—a noun used to describe someone who has indulged their green thumb in an attempt to try urban gardening. She’s not quite like the plant mama yet, but she’s not a newbie either. She has read a thing or two about caring for indoor plants and has invested time and emotion on her new little greens. This term, of course, is not yet listed in Oxford or Collins or Merriam Webster, but it exists on Instagram as a hash-tag and in true blue

millennial fashion, nothing could be more validating than that!

Aside from making your space look more homey, house plants provide oxygen and actas natural air purifiers by significantly reducing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are given off by many indoor sources. With Formaldehyde being the most common VOC found in some
indoor materials like plywood, wood and carpet glues, drapes and even select fabrics, I’d be foolish not to consider an indoor jungle. So if you’re looking into cultivating your own indoor garden but couldn’t quite commit to a whole jungle yet, here are five easy houseplants to help you transition from being just an aspiring house parent to a certified plantita.

1.) Peace Lily. Listed as one of NASA’s top air purifying indoor plants, Peace Lilies were found tobe most effective in eliminating Formaldehyde, Benzene and Carbon Monoxide just by sitting in a corner of your house. Peace Lilies like growing indoors, preferring indirect sunlight from a nearby window, and an evenly moist soil.One thing to look out for is when their leaves start to droop, that means they crave a little TLC a.k.a. a cup or two of water.

2.) Manaw or Bird’s Nest Fern. When I started embracing plant parenthood, I hoarded Manaw plants as if my life depended on them. Their bright, glossy leaves look stunning day in and out, making them the perfect plant to place in your kitchen countertop, foyer or stairwell. They prefer indirect light and well drained but consistently moist soil so misting them every three to four days or so would be ideal.

3.) Cobra Fern. Pretty much like the Bird’s Nest Fern in terms of handling and care, this low maintenance houseplant
features wavy fronds that are undeniably attractive. They can be quite pricey though with the small ones (4-5 inch fronds) being sold at P400-500 but with their aesthetically pleasing fronds and air purifying abilities, they are definitely worth the investment.

4.) Snake Plant. Another one of NASA’s top air purifying indoor plants, the Snake plant has got to be one of the most low maintenance indoor plants out there as it needs watering just every two weeks.They are succulents after all so they prefer their soil to be thoroughly dry before watering. Best placed inside your bedroom because of their oxygen-releasing abilities at night.

5.) Philodendron Xanadu. Still included in NASA’s list, the Xanadu is another low maintenance plant that’s perfect to display indoors (bedroom) or outdoors (patio). They prefer bright natural light soit’s best to place them near windows, too. An easy grower that can acclimate to different indoor environments, Xanadus make the perfect first-time plants for novice and busy gardeners alike. And while you’re shopping for this easy houseplant variety, you may want to add a basket planter as it is the “it” thing nowadays.

Besides, nothing screams like Pinterest and Tropics more than a potted Xanadu in a basket planter!

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