Get rid of sagging jowls without surgery

UltraFace mode, breaking down of fats

“YOU have a very well-chiseled face,” a friend would tell me back in college. I never really appreciated that compliment until some 10 years later when I am finally noticing sagging jowls.

Jowl refers to the sagging skin below the chin or jawline. It is caused by a lot of factors, with aging being the ultimate cause of jangly jowls. As we age, our skin loses important compounds such as collagen and elastin, proteins that are responsible for keeping our skin firm and taut. When skin is less resilient, it is more vulnerable to the downward pull of gravity thus causing it to sag. Although we are likely to develop jowls as we age, other factors such as weight loss, genetics, and prolonged sun exposure also predisposes one to jowls.

I have established a skincare routine that has helped me address a developing furrow line and crow’s feet, but when genetics and your three-year-old-self’s chubby cheeks catches up on you, there is no stopping the jowl, or so I thought. Okay, so maybe we can’t really stop them from developing, but we can, however, delay their appearance. The easiest way to address stubborn sagging skin is lifestyle modification. Eating healthy, avoiding sudden weight changes (hello, this is me!), slapping on some sunscreen before heading out, and staying hydrated are just some
of the things we can do to keep our jowls from sagging prematurely. But if you want instant gratification (and if you are impatient like me), there are procedures that do not require you to go under the knife, doesn’t have downtime, and promises visible results even on your first treatment.


Facial Care Centre’s Ultra-Face is a breakthrough non-invasive facial contouring treatment that uses the powerful combination of ultrasound and radio frequency energy to give you that well-chiseled face a la Angelina Jolie. What it basically does is it reshapes and recontours chubby face without surgery, reduces double chin and redefines the jawline.

I recently visited Facial Care Centre located at the eighth floor of 2Quad Building in Cebu Business Park and tried their UltraFace treatment. It was only my first session but I was immediately impressed by how instantaneous the effect was. It may not be as dramatic as I want it to be since one needs three to four sessions to see a more emphasized jawline and 10 sessions or more (depending on one’s needs) for optimum results, I still noticed a slimmer face, and tighter, firmer skin around my chin and jawline.

The treatment comprises two steps and uses two different “handpieces.” Like all other FCC treatments, your aesthetician will start by cleansing and toning the face, and then proceeds to apply a cream onto your chin and jaw area for Step 1, the UltraFace mode. The UltraFace handpiece uses
ultrasound waves to target and break down fat cells which is then eliminated from the body through natural processes. Step 2 involves the
use of the UniFace handpiece which uses radio frequency energy to gradually heat the dermal and sub-dermal tissues causing the collagen fibers and connective tissues to contract. This step lifts and firms sagging skin for more defined contours.

Although you might hear faint ringing during Step 1, and a warm sensation which is absolutely tolerable during Step 2, the treatment is pain-free and lasts for 45 minutes to an hour. My skin was red after treatment but it subsided soon after. Other than that, I did not notice any other side effect and I was even ready to do the groceries immediately after treatment.

If you want an arresting jawline that is worthy of an Oscar and if you are ready to splurge, then Facial Care Centre’s UltraFace is the one for you.

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