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Binibining Cebu 2017 Apriel Smith caps reign with a legacy

Kenneth Lim, president of Sacred Heart School for Boys Batch 1985; Binibining Cebu 2017 Apriel Smith; Binibining Cebu Pinoy Olympics 2018 Best Muse winner Jessel Dugaduga; and Jun Torres, member of Sacred Heart School for Boys Batch 1985.

BEFORE she passes her crown on to this year’s pageant winner on Friday, Oct. 19, Binibining Cebu 2017 Apriel Smith already left a wonderful legacy to Badianganons.

Last weekend, Smith organized a Binibining Cebu Pinoy Olympics, an inter-school volleyball tournament and Filipino traditional games.
“Since my advocacy is about sports and camaraderie, I organized and made this event possible with the help of Binibining Cebu,” she told Cebu Daily News.

Seven teams composed of high school students and members of Pag-asa Youth of the Philippines (PYAP) in Badian participated in the two-day activity.

The event opened with a parade from Badian National High School (BNHS) grounds to Badian Sports Complex.

A competition for the Best Muse followed where Jessel Dugaduga, a representative of PYAP, clinched the title.

The volleyball game was chosen as the highlight of the event since the 22-year old beauty queen is a former varsity player of the University of San Carlos (USC).

The Badian National High School (BNHS) and Zaragosa Integrated School faced off during the final round. BNHS was hailed as the grand champion.

Badianganons were also entertained when Smith played during an exhibition game joining the Local Government Unit (LGU) Badian versus Harbor Pilot.

For those who could not play volleyball, there were traditional games like patintero, Chinese garter, jackstone, dama, and takyan.

Smith is encouraging young people to go out, explore, and make friends.

“Ang mga bata karon kay grade six na, naa nay phones, like more on technology na karon. I want to remind them na we have these games,” she said.

What’s next for Smith?
On Oct. 29, 2017 Smith won the first staging of Binibining Cebu as representative of the municipality of Badian.

It was her birthday when she won the first crown of Binibining Cebu.

She had a simple gathering with friends and family and went to Basilica del Santo Niño.

Because of Binibining Cebu, several opportunities opened up for Smith.

“I have more projects and events. If naay nakaila nako before, mas daghan ang nakaila nako karon,” she said.

She added that Binibining Cebu has taught her how to be responsible and how to work with other people.

As she is about to welcome new queens this Friday at the Pacific Grand Ballroom of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, she is also feeling mixed emotions.

“Good luck! Just enjoy your journey until the end and you will be successful,” is her message to the next Binibining Pilipinas 2018 winners.

After her reign, Smith wants to work as a flight attendant and enrol in a speech class.

Will she join the national pageant Binibining Pilipinas next year?

“Soon I will decide,” she told CDN.

In 2016, Smith joined the Binibining Pilipinas where she finished Top 15.

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