The bee that makes shopping easy

IF YOU ask Cat Avelino, the recently-minted brand and communications director of honestbee Philippines, grocery shopping is more than just convenience and cheap prices. It is about getting the best products from the best partner establishments.

In Cebu for an easygoing “Meet and Eat” gathering with media and bloggers at the EventSpace in Crossroads Banilad, Cat shared how, within one year of operation, honestbee has become a brand embraced by Filipinos.

“We are growing in popularity. In terms of familiarity, food is in demand especially for working moms who discovered the beauty of doing their groceries via honestbee,” she said.

Country-style US beef pot roast, baked parrot fish, prawns in baked chili garlic and pasta mongole were served and guests took turns in helping themselves to the sumptuous lunch spread as conversations revolved around how honestbee reached eight countries in Asia with the Philippines as the newest one in their growing portfolio.

In the Philippines, Cebu is honestbee’s first destination outside of Manila and the overwhelming response of the Cebuanos led them to partner with homegrown brands such as Handuraw, Virginia and Choobi Choobi.

Within six months of operating in Cebu, honestbee now has 300 strong partners. Cat revealed that another homegrown name will be added to the list before the end of the year.

“We listen to our customers. For example, we really chased for JCO (donuts) to be our partner because our customers clamored for its products,” she said.

Cat said anyone can email [email protected] for concerns, suggestions and complaints.

Honestbee provides convenience for busy mothers, overwhelmed professionals and those who do not have the luxury of spending hours stuck in Cebu’s worsening traffic gridlock.

According to Cat, honestbee’s name started with a pin drop—yes, the term used to describe your location on Google maps—and the image of a bee evolved from there.

The pin drop—a feature that allows users to find the location on a map then drop the pin icon on the area—grew wings and later became a bee. Or to be exact, bees, who live in a hive, working together to produce the best “honey,” which in company parlance is translated to service and hardwork.

The word “honest” was added which defined the commitment of the team to work honestly and tirelessly as they operate with food, medicines, health and well-being of its customers.

Cat said 71 percent of their customers access the app or order from the app using their mobile phones.

Honestbee operates with big help from shopper bees and delivery bees.

The shopper bees are retired employees, freelancers and working students. The delivery bees (or riders) are in-charge in getting your orders in time whether in your home or office.

“After you checkout from the app, shopper bees will shop the items for you. You can specify to your shopper bee what you want. For example, you want not-so ripe mangoes. The person shopping for you may be a mom so you are assured that they understand quality and best products for you,” she said.

With 1,000 delivery and shopper bees operating nationwide, Cat assures customers that honestbee stays true to its mission of providing positive social and financial impact on the lives and businesses that we touch while fulfilling its vision of becoming the world’s most convenient services marketplace.

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