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A-line dress

IN TODAY’S fast-changing fashion market, one cannot help but be disenchanted by the ever changing styles and fleeting trends. Short-lived romances with clothing pieces that we thought were key items in our arsenal proved to be more disheartening than that of a broken nail. True story, take it from me.

Here now, gone tomorrow—a phrase too common in fast fashion. Overly hyped items and style trends that die down as quickly as they emerged. The urge to give in to fast fashion (and totally regretting it after) is something I wish to outgrow with the hopes of developing a keen eye for determining which style is timeless, and which isn’t.

I am slowly purging my closet of all these brief encounters with trends and replacing them with classic pieces that are trans-seasonal and worth the hype. There’s a surprisingly long list of timeless pieces that one can invest in, and dresses—from maxis to midis, to minis—top this list.

Shirt dress. This perennial favorite is one of the easiest dresses there is. Be it a mini, midi or maxi, a shirt dress can take you from day to night. Just switch things up a bit by changing your accessories, your lipstick shade, and your shoes, you will find yourself from the office straight to your favorite wine bar.

Wrap and wrap dresses. Diane Von Furstenberg’s deep devotion to this most figure-flattering clothing piece known to mankind is every girl’s saviour. This popular dress silhouette is perfect for any day of the week, dressed up or down, this versatile and fuss-free style is perfect for any occasion and for women of all shapes and sizes.

A-line dress. The one dress style that I basically grew up in. I got my mom’s love for sundresses and a cousin fanned the flames even more by buying me textiles and taking me to the dressmaker every chance she gets to have my dresses made especially for me. This style accentuates your figure by flaring at the waist, giving off that sweet, feminine vibe, with the perfect cut that ends just right above the knee. Too pretty a style to just own one piece, really.

Shift dress. Your only ticket to mod retro styling, the shift dress screams Twiggy and Jackie Kennedy. I’ve said this before and I will say it again: simplicity is the shift dress’ middle name but its understated elegance and vintage vibe resonate in every inch of this easy to pull-off dress style.

Ankle grazer maxi dress

Maxi dress. Who doesn’t love a maxi dress and who doesn’t own one? This gorgeous silhouette looks good on anyone and can be styled in so many ways. Whether you’re going for the dramatic floral frocks, or a visual play of geometric prints, or just minimal in monochromatic looks, this silhouette never fails to translate understated and effortless styling. No wonder it has become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

Nothing is as cyclical as fashion and with the many trends to hit the runway and the streets, these dress styles are your sure ticket to acing that classic wardrobe game.

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