Heritage hotel to celebrate Gen. Maxilom’s 156th birthday with songs of love in ‘Gabii sa Gugma’

PALM Grass, The Cebu Heritage Hotel, will celebrate Gen. Arcadio Maxilom’s 156th birthday with love songs, poems, and Cebuano food in “Gabii sa Gugma” on Nov. 17 at Hawanan Tres de Abril.

Local artists like The Clash’s Joannah Sy, Tawag ng Tanghalan’s Gerlyn Abaño, songwriter Jeff Escarda, singer DJ Mae Dente, and rapper Asser will be performing songs about love and heritage as a tribute to Gen. Maxilom and other Cebuano heroes.
Music videos on original Cebuano songs produced by Palm Grass Hotel and co-produced by Hong Kong-based Visualise That Event’s lead video creator Prospero Laput will be released as one of the highlights of the celebration.

The music video for the original Cebuano song “Kuyogi Ko” which features Maxilom and other Cebuano heroes, will be released on the same night. The song is about being as brave in romantic love and love for Cebu as our Cebuano heroes, Maxilom, Flores,
Kilat, Tupas and Lapu-Lapu who fought battles for Cebu’s freedom.

Moreover, the music video on the song “Kinasing” that features puso-makers in Pasil will also be screened.

Other original Cebuano songs like the Cebu Pop Music Festival finalist for the category Huni sa Kasingkasing, “Hugot Pas Huot” will also be performed live for the first time.

It is written by renowned Cebuano poet Adonis Durado with Asser as co-lyricist. This upbeat love song references Katipuneros like Gen. Maxilom and Leon Kilat to paint the kind of optimistic and passionate love which Cebuanos express.

Poets from local literary group BATHALAD will also be performing their balak as part of the celebration.

Gen. Arcadio Maxilom was born on Nov. 13, 1862, and he was an honorable revolutionary leader in Tuburan, who, together with Katipunero Luis Flores, led the Katipunan to victory after Leon Kilat’s assassination.

Gen. Maxilom’s descendants will also be joining the celebration.

Palm Grass’ 6th floor (Ikaunom nga Andana) is named Heneral Arcadio Maxilom. As the only heritage hotel in Cebu, Palm Grass pays tribute to the legacy of the Cebuano heroes who fought for Cebu liberation against Spanish rule, from Magellan’s coming in 1521 to the 1898 Cebu Revolution, by naming its floors, suite rooms, bar, restaurant, and signature dishes and drinks after these heroes.

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