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UC launches first robotics and AI highschool program in Cebu

Seeing the technological evolution of education in Cebu, University of Cebu launches the first Junior High School in Cebu to have a special Science program.

Simultaneously, UC also opened its newest Senior High School building located in Banilad, Cebu City last March 20.

The 12-storey building currently houses 8 rooms per floor and is ready to hold classes by June 2019.

According to UC President Atty. Augusto Go, it will be the first privately-owned school that is going to have a science program, with emphasis on robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and computer.

“Hopefully, we can produce future scientists because the 21st century is into robotics and AI,” Go added.

Enrolment starts on April 2019. For more information visit https://uc.edu.ph/.

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