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500-day countdown to Victory of Mactan’s 500th anniversary to kick off with grand cultural show

Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Ramon Cualoping III, NHCP Chairperson and NQC Vice Chairperson Dr. Rene Escalante, Lapu-Lapu Mayor Junard Chan and Creatives, 500-Day Countdown to 2021 QCP Program Eric Divinagracia discuss the activities leading to the 500th anniversary of the “Victory of Mactan.” | Norman V. Mendoza

LAPU-LAPU CITY, Philippines — Lapu-Lapu City will be the center of a grand cultural show on Saturday December 14 to start the 500-day countdown to the 500th anniversary of the “Victory of Mactan.”

There will be a nationwide simultaneous landmark lighting in 21 different cultural and heritage sites including the Liberty Shrine in Mactan.

The lighting activities will be shown live and on social media sites including the Lapu-Lapu City government site.

This, as the National Quincentennial Committee (NQC) aims to take full advantage of the various disciplines and media to showcase the unity, magnanimity, sovereignty, and identity of the Filipino nation through an upbeat, diverse, engaging and meaningful Quincentennial Commemoration in the Philippines.

There are 25 groups and about 235 performers from different parts of the country, who will participate including Cebu’s Orchestra groups, Loboc Choir among others.

The Hoops Dome is being prepared for the first-ever 3D Projection wall effects as part of the of the performer’s show.

Dr. Rene Escalante, National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) chairperson and National Quincentennial Committee Vice chairperson, said that the first value that they would promote would be the magnanimity of the Filipinos.

Escalante said  they would have activities and we would come up with some monuments that would promote the magnanimity of the Filipinos such as the first encounter of the people of Homonhon with the members of the expedition.  

“We will highlight the fact that when the Spaniards arrived in Homonhon, the people greeted them. They offered the visitors food, shelter and all other amenities that they have during this time.” said Escalante.

The committee opted for a countdown to raise awareness and emphasize our ancestor’s roles, and how they saved the almost dying crew during the first circumnavigation of the world.

He said that they would also showcase the value of sovereignty to present to the world that Filipinos love freedom, independence.

“We are magnanimous to foreigners but if they will colonize us or intervene in our domestic affairs, we will assert our sovereignty,” Escalante added.

“The 500th Anniversary of Lapu-Lapu’s victory against foreign influence during the Battle of Mactan, which is the the main event, will serve as an inspiration to our leaders, heroes, martyrs, and succeeding generations on how we became the Filipinos we are today,” he said./dbs

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