Why no revenge is the best revenge

CEBU CITY, Philippines— It is inevitable that someone will do us wrong no matter how good we treat them.

After being put into something that’s not desirable, most of us look for ways to even the score,  like, take revenge.

But have you ever thought that revenge is never the answer and it will never be?

Puzzled? Let CDN Digital talk you through why having no revenge is the best revenge.

WON’T CORRECT THINGS— plotting a revenge to even things out will never correct the mistakes done to you. Yes, you have been hurt but that should not give you the license to also hurt someone.

WON’T MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER— for a brief moment maybe it is the only thing you can think of doing especially when you get caught in between. But trust the process and don’t get even just because you feel like it is the right thing to do. Let karma do it for you.

CAN GET YOU IN TROUBLE— instead of correcting what’s been done, if you choose to retaliate you might end up in trouble. Think before doing anything that can hurt you, the people around you and potentially your career.

WASTE OF TIME— instead of stressing out on what retaliatory action to take, why not focus your attention instead on being a better version of you. Prove them wrong and give yourself the time to think things through for a better you.

YOU ARE NO LONGER IN THAT LEVEL— prove to them that you are way ahead of them. That revenge is just stooping that to their level and you wouldn’t want to go down there, right?

Revenge is never okay.

Instead of plotting your revenge, why not push for that planned getaway of yours instead. Better yet, plan the next big thing for you that will surely rock your detractors’ world. /rcg

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