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TNC opens three-floor cybercafe in Colon


As the sports community starts to recognize the e-sports, The (TNC) continues to grow its line of cybercafes in the Philippines by opening its biggest cybercafe in Cebu City.

Located in Pelaez St., Colon, Cebu City, the three-floor cybercafe dubbed “TNC Headquarters Colon” is home to more than 408 Acer Predator gaming desktop.

The three-floor cybercafe has about 108 Orion 5000 gaming rigs for its VIP Floor and about 300 Orion 3000 gaming rigs or gaming computers.

“The VIP floor is located on the third floor of the building, while the remaining floors are where Orion 3000 gaming rigs are placed,” said Manuel Wong, Acer Philippines Inc. Managing Director.

TNC and Acer Philippines Inc. have been in partnership for over four years to continuously develop cybercafes in the country that supports the e-sport community.

With their new Cybercafe in Cebu, TNC together with Acer Philippines plans to create e-sport tournaments soon.

Its goal is also to support and develop collegiate e-sport tournaments, said Wong.

“We want to expand the e-sport community by developing and focusing more on the grass-roots and hopefully discover promising talents in e-sports,” said Wong.

Like Cebu’s Dota 2 team, Team Adroit, Wong hopes to discover more talent in the e-sport with the opening of their new cybercafe.

“Cebu is very promising in the e-sports community, and with the new TNC in the city, we look forward to creating and discovering new latent here in the City,” added Wong.

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