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‘Adventure Time’ quotes to help you cope with adulthood

The Cartoon Network Show “Adventure Time” is hilarious and at times a bit too much for children, but endearing nonetheless.

For most adults, watching the show sends them back to when they were young, eating sugary treats on a Sunday morning while learning a few things about life.

It aired its pilot episode on April 5, 2010, with “Slumber Party Panic,” and ended with “Come Along with Me” on September 3, 2018.

To celebrate the show’s successful blend of amusement and unconventional profoundness, we compiled 10 moments from “Adventure Time” that taught us how to be an adult.


When you need a little self-confidence boost, remember this …

Who knew an animated character could teach you a thing or two about self-confidence?

Don’t be a misogynist

The most important thing to note is that feminism is not about being above men, it’s being equal to men.

Own Up

We are all humans, and we commit mistakes. Part of growing up is to own our mistakes, learn from it and try to improve ourselves along the way.

Don’t get too attached to physical things

It is pretty normal to encounter attachment issues. However, there are more important things in life than focusing your energy on material things.

If you want others to respect you, learn to respect yourself

Before respecting others and being respected by others, you must first respect yourself. You must accept yourself or make changes in order to be happy with who you are.

Love can hurt sometimes

Love hurts and relationships are not always about rainbows. And even if you truly love someone, it is possible that you can still really hurt them. But it is all worth it in the end.

Focus on the things that actually matter.

We know there’s a lot going on in our lives, but take it one step at a time and focus on the things that really matter before going to the next.

Be true to yourself.

Everyone makes mistakes, but as long as you are true to yourself and honor that, then you are a winner!

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