Unexplained modern day miracles

By: Rhobie Alburo Ruaya April 12,2020 - 02:30 PM

Do you believe in miracles? If there are, why should we believe in them?

There are a lot of miracles written in the Holy Bible such as Moses dividing the red sea, Jesus feeding five thousand people, Daniel’s survival in the den of lions, and Jesus rising from the dead.

Today, we don’t experience biblical miracles. But great miracles are still documented by ordinary people everyday.

Stories of second chances at life and unexplained medical mysteries, these true-to-life accounts are reminders that miracles still exist. Can science explain these modern miracles?

The heart that healed on its own

On August 17, 2012, Michael Crowe from Nebraska who was 23 at that time was rushed to the emergency room by his mother.

His heart was pumping out blood at an alarmingly low rate of 25 percent  and was even down to 10 percent when they transferred to another hospital an hour later.

He was suffering from an inflammation of the heart muscle called acute myocarditis and his other organs were starting to fail.

When doctors finally found a match for a heart transplant 17 days after,  Crowe developed a blood infection and the procedure would be dangerous.

And then one of his doctors noticed something unusual: His blood pressure was rising.

After a test, it revealed that the left side of his heart was working at near-normal capacity.

An ultrasound soon revealed that the left chamber of Crowe’s heart was working normally again.

Just a few days later, his heart was working on its own. An MRI scan found no permanent damage or scars.

His heart miraculously healed itself and his body eradicated the virus on its own.

Surviving a 47-story plunge

Alcides Moreno and his younger brother Edgar was on a regular workday.

They were set to clean the windows of the 47-floor luxury Solow Tower building on the morning of December 7, 2007.

But an accident sent their window-washing platform plunging to the concrete pavement and fell from the skyscraper.

The accident killed his brother. When firefighters arrived at the scene of the accident, Alcides was sitting upright, semi-conscious.

Alcides was rushed to a nearby hospital and induced into a coma.

He sustained injuries to his brain, spinal column, chest, and abdomen, and had fractures to his ribs and both legs.

He underwent numerous operations.

And then he woke up nearly three weeks later, on Christmas Day (2007), with his wife, Rosario, at his bedside.

After a year he was able to walk again.  The miracle in his life allowed him to have his fourth child with his wife.

The Vatican confirms Colorado Boy healed by a nun

After a 14-year process, the Vatican released its verdict on a young boy’s sudden recovery from a debilitating gastrointestinal condition.

It was a miracle.

In 1998, doctors tried every possible way to cure 4-year-old Luke Burgie.

Every day for six months, Luke experienced eight to ten painful bouts of diarrhea.

Luke’s mother, a devout Catholic, began looking outside of medicine for a cure. She asked nuns to pray for Luke.

Sister Margaret Mary Preister and the late Sister Evangeline Spenner knew what to do.

They asked the founder of their order, Mother Theresia Bonzel, a German nun, who has been dead for more than a century to intercede.

In 1863, Bonzel founded the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration in Olpe, Germany.  She devoted her life to educating and giving health care to needy children.

For nine days, Sister Margaret Mary and Sister Evangeline Spenner prayed for Luke.

As soon as their novena was complete, Luke woke up and his stomach no longer hurt him. The illness never returned.

Luke continued his life and grew to be a healthy, 6-foot teenager passionate about BMX racing.

Archbishop reportedly seen in two different places at the same time

Cebuano Archbishop Teofilo Camomot, fondly known as Monsignor Lolong, was known for his exceptional love for the poor.

He died in a vehicular accident in San Fernando town on Sept. 27, 1988, when he was 74.

The reports about Monsignor Camomot circulated after he was reportedly seen in two different places at the same time  while he was still serving the clergy of Cebu, according to Lungsoranon, the official newsletter of the Cebu church.

He was also known for his spiritual gifts of healing, reading hearts, levitation, and bilocation.

There are many famous testimonies of Monsignor’s miracles.

In May 2013, both legs of a man turned brown with so much swelling from below the knees down to his feet.

The man suffered from painful swelling of his wounds.

The doctors’ prescriptions didn’t do much to his swelling legs.

In December 2014, a pamphlet on the prayer for the canonization of Monsignor Camomot was given to him by a son in law.

And after a week, all the blisters of his legs were gone.

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The footage used in this video are not actual footage of the events mentioned.

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