Simple workout routines you can try at home with your family

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CEBU CITY, Philippines— Ideally, summer is the time of year when kids are sent to attend workshops to keep them busy and excite the athlete or artists in them.

But because of the health crisis that we are now faced with, kids will have to stay at home and skip the fun summer activities that they used to enjoy with their friends.

While indoors, let your kids try some of the easy workout routines prepared by Hanz Velano, a trainer from F45 Training Cebu and a former athlete.

Doing these workouts with your kids is also expected to improve your bond with them while you all stay at home.

Let’s all start warming up and follow these easy workout routines:

Jumping jacks— Start with standing position, as you hop, open your feet wider than your shoulder and swing your arms up together while keeping them straight. This should start to warm up your entire body and keep your heart rate up by doing it fast.

High knees— Start with a standing position. Put your hands to waist level and bring one knee up to your hand and switch directly bringing the other knee up creating a hop on the move. Doing this exercise in a fast pace should keep your heart pumping and burning those calories. This is an alternative for running.

Squat jumps—Start with standing position, your feet should be shoulder-width apart, toes and knees pointing outwards to a letter V form and put your hands beside your ears. Keep your back straight, core engaged and bring your hips back first then drop your hips down keeping that 90° angle on your knees and use your quads and glute strength to push off away from the ground and jump high. Land softly to avoid knee injuries. Make sure not to slouch or curl your lower back while doing this and your knees not going over your toes. This is one of the most basic workouts that target not only your legs and glutes but most importantly your core. Your core will always keep your body straight.

Push-ups—High plank position. Hands in line with your shoulders, keep a good body alignment, squeeze your glutes. Drop your chest down stretching your chest, elbows going to the back, chest should be in line with your thumbs upon dropping down and push all the way back using the strength of your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Keep your core engaged and drop your hips down as you drop your chest down.  One of the basics. Also, a compound workout that hits not only your chest, shoulders and triceps but again, importantly, your core. Engaging your core will keep your body in perfect alignment and will help you do the exercise easily.

Crunches— Lie on your mats or on the ground, bend your knees, hands beside your ears, tuck your chin, lower back should always be flat on the ground. Now crunch up, bringing your upper back off the ground keeping your lower back flat and squeeze your core upon crunching up.  The most important part of our body is no other than our core. Having a strong and stable core will improve your posture and performance not only while working out but also in your day to day activities.

Velano said that you can always add a twist to these workout routines by playing background music or by organizing a fun competition among family members.

Let’s all stay active and fit even while on home quarantine. / dcb

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