It’s okay to unfriend people online

CEBU CITY, Philippines—When social media sites were still new, all we wanted was to gain as many friends as possible— even those who we don’t really know.

They are the people we call “Facebook friends,” yes, the same people we provide access to our lives even if we never really know them personally.

Today, as we mature and understand the dynamics of social media as well as the risks and dangers they entail, we want some of these so-called online friends out.

Yes, you can unfriend as many online friends as you like and here’s why you should never feel guilty about it:

Less noise— there are people who rant and complain in just about everything on social media. In short, they are the ones that you can call the nuisance and negative type. If they can’t spread valuable information and positivity, then by all means, they should be unfriended.

No place to be insecure— if you unfriend people who make you feel insecure, then you are doing yourself a huge favor without you even knowing it. This will eliminate the fear of missing out on you.

More privacy— if some of your so-called friends seem to encroach a bit more than you want them to into your personal life, it is best to scratch them out of the picture while it is still early.

No emotional attachment— if you don’t have any personal attachment to some of your online friends, then by all means, let them go. They may include old classmates that you don’t really talk to or mere acquaintance in some past parties.

You don’t like them— Why burden yourself with people you just can’t connect and relate? The unfriend button is just right there in front of you.

Don’t be guilty if you unfriend people online because at the end of the day it is still your account and you are entitled to do whatever you want with it including cutting your friends list short. /rcg

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