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Remember these tips when you pick-up or receive your online order

Many restaurants and fast-food chains are still offering delivery services in major cities in the country.

Even grocery stores and pharmacies now have pick-up or delivery services.

Other delivery apps and small businesses are also working despite the enhanced community quarantine.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, the coronavirus disease  (COVID-19) is not a foodborne illness, it means that the virus is not carried or transmitted by food.

Experts also agree that takeout or delivery orders are generally safe as long as you wash your hands and sanitize.

Aside from wearing your face mask and hand gloves, CDN Digital has compiled other reminders you need to know when ordering for delivery or pick-up.

Minimize contact

If you’re going out to pick up takeout, ask the restaurant in advance for the process of handing you your order.

As much as possible, practice picking up takeout without entering the restaurant, better yet, just wait inside your vehicle.

Also, try to pay the exact amount or check if you can pay online so that you won’t have to leave your car anymore.

Contactless delivery

Delivery apps are now offering contactless delivery options.

When your order arrives, the delivery person will leave your order in front of your door.

If you choose this option, you can place a box, plasticware or small table outside your door.

For cash on delivery order, you will also leave your payment outside for the rider to collect.

Again, it’s best to pay the exact amount or pay online if you can.

Receiving your order

If contactless delivery is not possible when receiving your order, it is still very important to practice social distancing

Three to six feet apart always.

When you need to sign a document, use your own pen instead of borrowing the delivery person’s pen.

Bringing your order inside

After the delivery person leaves, wait for a few more minutes before going outside to take your order or groceries.

Wear disposable hand gloves before bringing them inside.

Don’t place the delivery bag in your counter or tables.

As much as possible, bring it to your sink or place napkins and paper towels so that there will be no direct contact on your home’s surfaces.

Transfer your order to a clean container and throw away the delivery bag and any other container.


You can easily disinfect your sink after arranging your order or groceries.

When handling the new items and food, remove your gloves and use a new one. If you have disinfecting wipes, you can use it to disinfect your sink or grocery items  that are in bottles like shampoo and bottled drinks.

Handle packaging extra carefully and wash your hands after.

We should be thankful to our trusted delivery partners that are doing their best to deliver safe food and items.

Do you have additional tips for safe food and grocery deliveries?  Share them to us in the comment section of this video.


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